Monday, May 23, 2011

Next season would be better.

Salam, good day. Despite not meeting the completion date in 2010, the Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) Waterfront's infrastructure is almost completed except for a few minor details.
The site covers approximately 1.8 hectares and is located within the centre of BSB overlooking the historic Kg Ayer and forms part of the capital's central business district.
The BSB Waterfront will hopefully act as an integrative mechanism that will initiate other proposed developments of a similar nature namely, the Sg Kedayan River Park, improvement and pedestrianisation of Jalan Sultan and Jalan Roberts, Subok Ridge Heritage Park and Kg Ayer Activity Centre.
The masterplan will also comprise an open square and promenade, green urban landscape and public spaces specifically designed for interactive features, privatised open cafes, kiosks and souvenir shops.
I do have a walk this morning for the preview of the launching and it does look inviting. This is the most waited event I'm sure and expected going to be the most remembered:)

Sneak preview at BSB Waterfront this morning
*Showing my new hair cut as well, LOL* 

Touch-up in progress for the big event this weekend 

Minister of Home Affairs was there too this morning 

The most wanted man 'Malek Gerhana'. Is he still around or does he fled the country? 

Liyana and Rina impersonating a DJ *LOL*

 Photo opportunity on their last day attached at our station

Very busy.

Taken from today's The Brunei Times

AL-QURAN is not only meant to heal one's soul; it is a treasure trove of knowledge to open minds to all forms of learning and is the essence of education and guidance as well as fikrah (thoughts) extolling the greatness of Allah (SWT), said His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al- Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister's Office last night.
Delivering his sabda at the final of the National Al-Quran Recitation Competition for Adults 2011, His Royal Highness said Al-Quran rewards greatly those who read, listen, learn, research as well as practise it.
Allah (SWT) promises rahmat (blessings) and syafaat (forgiveness) to those who love Al-Quran their entire life and the hereafter, he said.
As Muslims, we must always endeavour to seize and seek its secrets. The mercy and blessings of Al-Quran will always accompany us, the crown prince added.
He went on to say that the grace of Al-Quran can be felt by those who love it"Life guided by Al-Quran is a cure for the sick heart and soul and softens stubborn hearts," HRH said.
He urged youths in the country to make reading Al-Quran a culture, as their main source of reading, and seize the opportunity to gain the blessings from it.
"Alhamdulillah, we share the joy that now there are already children who are fluent in reading Al-Quran, even though some may still lack an understanding of its true meanings," HRH said.
We should uphold the efforts being made especially towards elevating Al-Quran in the minds of our generation.
"Therefore, it is appropriate to inculcate in these children education based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah," HRH said.
Our hope is to see Brunei become a Zikir Nation realised as well as to produce a generation of successors who are knowledgeable, virtuous, with faith and taqwa (to obey and fear of Allah), he added.
This is in line with the nation's philosophy of Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB) or Malay Islamic Monarchy that has become a key in the development of high-minded human capital in upholding the sovereignty of Islam and the nation. (The Brunei Times) 

Man at work! (Thanks Rezal for the pic)

 State's Television Mini Studio at ICC

The crew in conversation about 'silly things' *lol* haha

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get set.

Salam, good day. The past week has been very hectic for me, 'full blast' is the correct terms I should use to explain my very busy week. But I am sure, as long as you happy with what you are doing, the workload given to you is just like a piece of cake. Easy peasy man!

In the meantime, Alhamdulillah one of our big project (office project) has been postponed due to certain circumstances which need a very complicated explanation. What a relief! Although the preparation are all in place, but on my personal opinion the project should not be organise for now, because we are also preparing for other big events such as the RBAF's Golden Jubbilee Celebration, the Launching of BSB Waterfront Master Plan etc.

Whilst in sports, the footballing season in Europe is heading to the season end. Now we already know who is the league champion of the Premiership, Bundesliga, Primera Liga, Serie A. Meaning that the 'sms confrontation' and 'provocation' among the big teams fans here in Brunei are also coming to an end *lol*.

After all, I'm very hopeful the coming days and weeks is the productive one for me and my family. Prayer and effort is the key to success:)

Recap of what I did last week. Live TV commentary at ICC for The National Level Quran Recitation Competition. Enjoy working over there.

Live radio report for PD YAHYA Bicycle Race (130 km).
This is a group of the front-runners. 

However, this guy here is further ahead of them...hmmm. 

By the riverside along Jalan Kota Batu. This is part of the BSB Waterfront Master Plan Project. We expect more changes coming up in the capital. The launching of the Master Plan Project is going to held next week I understand.

One of the historic building in bandar were also being touched-up 

Even the 'bollywood's' producer were also here for coverage *lol* 

Alright, this bright girls is from UBD. They are on a week-long working visit attachment at RTB. (L-R): Rina and Liyana. This pic taken during their visit to the TV Sport Section. Thanks to Pg Muhammad Shahrin.

Another two of them, the funny Diyana and Simah. Haha about Diyana, we can hardly stop laughing when she's around. Wohooo...not willing to let them leave us this very soon! Also, I'm sure they gonna gain weight soon after they completed their working attachment here with us. Why? Morning we tag them along for breakfast, lunch on their own and maybe they are having hi-tea on their own too. They can't stop eating while staying with us! Cheers girls:)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Walk through it.

Salam, good day. It has been a very wonderful week. Although I have been tied up by office committment, but we (my wife and I) are able to spend times with the kids and they seems very happy too. As parents, no other things would make you happy but to see your kids grow in happiness.

My wife and the kids has been the source of my inspiration. At my age, I shouldn't waste my time on silly stuff and unresourceful activities. The kids really needs our attention especially now they are already attending a primary school.

For me, I don't have any other else as my future investment but the Kids. They are my only investment. Investment need to be properly managed in order to get the best outcome of it. In my observations, the best way to get the best deal is you invest $100 and you get $1 profit would be good enough. But not to invest only $1 you expect to get a $100 as profit. Is that make sense?

In the meantime, the past week was also a very special week for all mothers. But from my observation, Mother's Day is actually an exploitation of all mothers in the world for business interest etc. They should be loved and cherished everyday. However, a lot of activities to spice up the Mother's Day being organised by various agencies and that effort deserved positive asessment as well. Roses to all mothers and I pray for their good health.

So, let's hope everything that we have done is going to be a fruitful one and being hardworking will give us a wonderful return. I pray to Allah the most gracious and the most merciful to guide my family heading to the right direction for our own good with Allah's blessing. Have a pleasant week ahead fellas:)

Zahra' is very keen with drawing. I send her to attend a drawing class since 15th April at one of our local most acclaimed artist. So far she did well and she have shown the talent and skills.
 Currently she is still under basic drawing technique.
This is among Zahra's best so far, 'Kampong Ayer'.
This is another best drawing from her, 'Petals'.

We are expecting a much wider road along Jalan Mc.Arthur or best known among locals as 'Jalan Kastam Lama'. Few months back we are also seeing a construction work by the riverside along Jalan Residency. The road cliff of Jalan Residency is to be extended few feet away from the current width. We are also seeing a major piling works there which is appear to be part of Bandar Seri Begawan Waterfront Development Plan.

Seve Ballesteros who died Saturday aged 54, was one of golf's all-time greats, a charismatic figure who lifted five majors, led the European challenge to the decades-long US supremacy and turned a new generation on to the sport. I still remember watching SB playing in the 80's and 90's, he is someone that current golfers should follow. The most remembered of SB is his Rolex TV commercial (being aired by local cables in the 90's, SB putting a long way to win a title at Augusta). Although I'm not a golfer or a fan of golf, but I am one of his fans!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Be strong mom, happy birthday.

Salam, good day. Today my Mom celebrate her 61st birthday. Alhamdulillah, at this age Mom still able to do house chores whilst at the same time she is also doing a small scale of business (food supply). In my family, there is no easy living. We have been suffering at times but thats not the case. With the help of Allah, we are able to cope with it, we should learn from difficulties but not to live with them. Compare to our cousins and relatives, we are a bit further behind financially and academically. But now, Alhamdulillah we live our life in a much better way. Although there is few problems has arise in our living, we have to admit that is life. Again, talking about Mom, she has been very inspirational! From my Day 1 until now, I can see Mom has been very hardworking which is no other reason just to make a good living for our family. Although Mom is very strict to us, but I'm sure this is for our own good. May Allah bless you Mom, stay in a good health and obedient to Allah subhanahu wata'ala. Love Azmi:)

Sa'adah at CHMS BSB Mother's Day 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Radio 54.

Salam, good day. Today Radio Brunei marks their 54th anniversary with the recital of Surah Yaasin, Tahlil and thanksgiving at Studio 'A' RTB. It all began 54 years ago during Hari Raya. May 2, 1957 is an important date for broadcasting in Brunei Darussalam as on that day, the words 'Inilah Radio Brunei' or 'This is Radio Brunei' echoed across the nation by Dayangku Intan binti Pengiran Datu Penghulu Haji Apong. Now Radio Brunei serves five radio networks with 24-hour service. I'm quite sure Radio Brunei is not far behind in the flow of technological developments. According to the information I've gathered, Radio Brunei began broadcasting in an Analogue format whilst the FM Stereo format was introduced in the 70s and now they are broadcasting in Digital DAB format. Radio Brunei has also entered the internet world with the launch of its Net Radio in 1999. Hmmm, this has been a long line of history by Radio Brunei and I hope they would able to fulfill the needs and demands from the listeners nationwide and worldwide, congrats:)

Radio Brunei Team in 1957.
This building was just across the General Post Office in town. 

 Radio Brunei in 1960

 Singing Contest which is organised by Radio Brunei in 1960

Radio Brunei in 1968. I'm sure you all know this location.
(Images courtesy of Haji Abdul Kadir)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Four completed.

Salam, good day. My appologise for not being up to date of late, I was been tied up with a bunch of works. I ain't workaholic but the works has come to me and again its bunch of them!

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot events internationally. What catch my interests me the most is The el-Classico in the European Champions League, The Royal Wedding (although I didn't watch them live on telly). Whilst locally there is PRYNSA Awards etc. I didn't came up with my posting on those events, haha busy with assignments!

Later tonight was a big match in the Premiership, at The Emirates Arsenal will face Manchester United and Liverpool will go againts Newcastle.

Also just days ago, iPad 2 is officially launched in Brunei. What I heard it is such a big hit among locals. I'm yet to buy or use any tablets so far but my priority on my wish list is the iPhone 4.

Well, now we are in the month of May. I'm sure there is more to come and I hope I would be able to cope with them. Whilst tomorrow Brunei State's Radio Service will turns 54 years since its formation back in 2 May 1957. Cheers:)

Jungle Trekking this morning at Tasek Lama 

I came along with this gentlemen 

We are enroute to Bukit Sarang Helang 

They are five of us altogether 

My first visit to the summit