Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A lot to choose from.

Salam, good day. Although it has been a very hectic week, but as human we can't resist when the appetite for food arises LOL. I admit myself as a food lover and a strong eater hehe... Last evening we are having Sup Tulang and as you know it taste really great. Accompany with noodles, fried onions and chillies, the Sup Tulang is second to none. I know, I keep on praising the best food abroad but surely here in Brunei Darussalam the foods was at par with them. Only it need to be promoted. Bismillah:)  

This home-cooked Sup Tulang is second to none
*Gear Box soup*

We went to this newly open eatery in Gadong for this Ayam Penyet. The environment does impressed me but not the parking space especially during lunch hours. The service is quite good and about the Ayam Penyet I would rate them at 6.5 out of 10. It is quite pricy too if we are looking at the size of the portion which is quite small. This review is on my personal opinion.

$15.00 for two of us *hmmm...

Whilst at home my wife busy demonstrating and practicing her bakery skills. Pic above is 'Honey Cornflake'.

This cupcakes was a big hit among the kids

This ain't homemade ok, this taste good too.

I was wandering who printed this banner at one printing shop at Jalan Tutong. The question is are we going to have 'Subway' in Brunei. In KL yes it is Halal certified but in Singapore is yet to get Halal certified. Ok, if Brunei is going to have one 'Subway' in Brunei, let's hope it is Hala certified straight away.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Salam, good day. It has been a while I didn’t write on bruneidaily, this is due to the hectic schedule. I was also unable to squeeze some time for my badminton routine *bad.
Actually the month of April was so eventful, lots of activities being organised. It's only the matter of availability for me to cover those events.
People used to say boring when there is nothing to do but it is another way round when there is too much work to be done. We should keep in mind, we need job to gain income and we need works to generate our body.
When the body move, it would help the brain to work and produce it's magic! As a man and woman, we are the best human being created by the almighty then we should know how to live our life in a better way than any other human being.
Haha, is that sounds very serious of me? Not really, but good to motivate ourself.

My son Abdul Aziz turns 3 years old and now he knows how to pose! 

Unlike his sisters, Aziz called her mom as 'mama'. 

As requested by himself, it was a 'Pororo' birthday cake!

This week I was being assigned to Istana Nurul Iman for the coverage of The Confernment of Honorary Medals in conjunction with His Majesty's 65th birthday anniversary celebrations. 

His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah ibni His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister's Office consented to present the honorary medals on behalf of His Majesty. The ceremony took place at the Balai Singgahsana Indera Kencana, Istana Nurul Iman.

Among the criteria that qualify them for the award is undivided loyalty to His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, to the nation, as well as to the religion. 

Inside the Balai Singgahsana Indera Kencana

Whilst this is taken inside the banquet hall, after breakfast.
Good food!

Last evening, I was very unlucky not to watch the EPL Masters Football Brunei Cup 2012 at Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex Indoor Stadium. Although I was there but unable to enter the venue. It was a very long story to tell but to make it shorter, it is maybe because of communication breakdown haha... Pic above Robbie Fowler of LFC Masters in action against Endy Vyzunny of DPMM FC Masters. The match ended LFC Masters defeated DPMM FC Masters by 3-0.

Haha...could you believe this? The legends is in town? Frank Lebouf (Blue) and Quinton Fortune (White). During his time, Lebouf is considered as one of the best defender in EPL and playing for Chelsea as well as Fortune is a very fine winger for Manchester United.

EPL All Stars Masters defended their crown for the second consecutive years. Lets hope this tournament is going to be an annual event in Brunei Darussalam. (Images by Infofoto).

The paracetamol given by the government hospital does help me to overcome my fever. I was hit by fever almost for three days and now Alhamdulillah I'm doing good. Also does help me is a tablespoon of honey mixed with lemon juice, the tricks works! Need to get back to full fitness now. Tawakkal:)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

'Singapore's Tom Jones' passed away.

Salam, good day. I know there are many good singers that fail to get hits but unfortunately this Singapore based legendary singer which I'm going to talk about is a terrific singer and he has no trouble to get hits or whatsoever. He is the late Allahyarham Ismail Haron (13th May 1946 - 9th April 2012). He is also best known as 'Singapore's Tom Jones' (you would agree with that once you listen to his voice).

I'm not so sure if I should admit that I am the number one fan of Abang Mail (Ismail Haron) in Brunei, but I'm glad to be one of his friends amongst thousands of them. The first time I met him back in June 2008 during his show here in Brunei. Coincidently during that time I was on a holiday in Kuala Lumpur with my family. So I only managed to meet him during his last day in Brunei at Brunei International Airport.

Although we have never meet each other before, but I felt like he knows me well. We talked like we have been friend for so long. According to my colleague Hilmi and Shahrin who has been with Abang Mail throughout his stay in Brunei, he badly wants to see me. As for myself, I badly need to see him too.

If not because he migrated to Australia, Abang Mail would be as famous maybe as P.Ramlee, Ramli Sarip, A.Ramlie etc. But still, especially amongst Singaporean he is the 'Special One'. 

This pic is taken back in June 2008 at Brunei International 
Airport, prior to his departure to Singapore.

My bosses hosted Abang Mail and Maria Sata (Abang Mail's Manager) for a hi-tea during his last day in Brunei.

A quick visit to Kampong Ayer with Hilmi Suhaili (L) and 
Shahrin Embran (not in pic). 

I treat him for a lunch at Adams Road Food Court, during my working 
visit to Singapore in March 2009. 

The very last time I met Ismail Haron at his family residence at Jurong West, Singapore. Abang Mail was a very heavy smoker and I once told him to quit smoking and he only replied me with just a smile which shows he ain't ready to quit yet. I can sense he is facing health problem because of smoking, he can't stop coughing.

Although we are far apart, we stay connected via sms. I regret I didn't contact him during my recent trip to Singapore last March. His stage performances and unique singing style is second to none and will always be remembered.

May Allah bless your soul bro, Al Fatihah.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Can't resist.

Salam, good day. My recent trip to Singapore came with 3 main itinerary. The main priority is for S-League Football coverage, BRUNEI DPMM FC match against GOMBAK UNITED FC which DPMM FC has won by 3-0. Another itinerary; Sup Tulang Merah (MA Deen Biasa) and Nasi Lemak (Selera Adams Road). I would feel something is missing if I can't spare my time to pay a quick visit to both this legendary eatery while I was in Singapore. Actually on this trip, financially I'm not well prepared but in Singapore if you know the place then you know how to spend wisely:)

Lunch on the first day at HM Abdul Rajak Stall, Boon Keng Hawker Centre for Sup Kambing. Mannn...this is one good place to heat up your body. The sup is so very spicy whilst the kambing meat is very soft, easy to swallow. I would rate this soup at 8.5 out of 10 marks!

This is rarely happen but it happened. I accept those appologies and I hope it would never happen again in the future. Royal Plaza on Scotts, you are still my first choice!

Alright, this is very funny. We are talking about the kain here and as the sales rep approaches, he replied us in malay with an excellent Bruneian accent. He speaks really well. The guy (standing 2nd from left) is Mr.Ikbal aka Babu. He has been to Brunei so many times and of course so many friends. Visit him at VK Majeed at Arab Street, tell him you are Bruneian and he will give you a very special price.

Sharin Ismail has fulfilled his Mrs. wish to pay a visit at Universal Studios

This huge sculptures welcomes you here

This sculpture welcomes you too...

Whilst this sculpture (Habry Abdullah in black) welcomes you
at Lau Pa Sat for good satay *gluppp...

Fes-Retro's boss Effendi Said treat us this good teh tarik. As you can see the two pictures hanging there is the pic of Singapore PM having the teh tarik here. 

This youthful Imam delivering the Friday Sermons at Masjid Al-Huda...

...Kampong Tempe, Bukit Timah, Singapore.

Soon after, we went here but as you can see this is very frustrating!

Pre-match talks with DPMM FC management

Prior to live commentary

Alhamdulillah the team has defetaed GOMBAK UNITED by 3-0! Pic above are some of our friends from the office of Brunei Darussalam High Commisioner in Singapore. Also, the loudest shout of DPMM FC supporters comes from here...

Post-match report with Zainuddin Ahmad Zaini

The second time here at Boon Keng in two days. 
It was just a quick one for tapau and later...

...we were heading here for Sup Tulang Merah at Jalan Sultan.

This place is quite accessible really. MA Deen Biasa Pte Ltd is alike any typical mamak restaurant; with the only exception being the sup tulang merah, it’s signature dish; legendary for its crimson hue. A basket of thickly sliced baguette-like bread came with each order & was perfect to mop up the delicious sweet gravy; which though was deceivingly bloody, had just the barest tinge of spicyness. There is not much meat per set on each chunk of bone, and just like the sup kambing (mutton soup) at mamak restaurants, the main point is to enjoy the gravy, together with some bits of meat & the marrow. Click here

Oh dear...can't resist.

Actually it is unexplainable how good it was but as you can see here, our friend Haji Latif (who is currently in Singapore to accompany his mom for medical teratment) having the kambing in such an emotional way...haha...

Subhi Abdillah Bakir has been my favourite player!