Monday, November 1, 2010

Over a decade.

Salam, good day. 1st November 2010 marks my 10th year with Radio Televisyen Brunei. Over a decade, I have learnt a lot of things in this challenging carrer. Working in this field (broadcasting), it requires you to be proactive, creative, active, reactive and positive. Sometimes you will face tension and working under pressure, but that's life here. I love every minutes of my time here with RTB. Talking about loyalty, I never had any intention in my mind to cross department or ministries neither to condemn them (RTB). I got married while I was with RTB and I raised my kids while I was with RTB as well. RTB are very special to me! My mentor once said, 'focus on your job and never talk about others' and this does help me throughout my career. I always keep reminding myself not to cheat your boss because they know and never resist order because they trust in you. I believe they never bully you but to give you a valuable experience and to explore what you have inside you. Although I don't have much to say, but I'll share with you few pictures of mine below to commemorate my 10th year. I put special part here for my outgoing colleagues and friends as well. I paid tribute to my mentor, my senior colleagues and my fellow producers whom I working with from day one. My tribute also goes to my parents, my wife and my three angels who has inspired me to gain more success in my future undertakings. Thanks to Allah the almighty who have chosen me to work here and may Allah guide me to face those upcoming challenges, Amin ya rabbal alamin:)

Half of my accreditation passes

One of my favourite moment, everyone of us looks cheerful.

On my right is one of our driver during my stay in KL. From what I heard, now he is paralysed.

On my left is Mr.George Ang, sound engineer from Singapore.

With my senior colleagues at Istana Nurul Iman during The Royal Wedding

Somewhere abroad

(C) Abdul Adis Lakim and (R) Mohammad Daud Matarsat in Singapore. We were on transit flight from Kuala Lumpur. In KL we save $$$ and spend less but in Singapore we spend like crazy!

Farewell dinner for our friend Mr.David Brookefield of Bristol University
Tagaytay, The Philippines.
(L) Datin Norjuma and (C) Saliah Ahmad. Norjuma now is married to a millionaire. About Saliah, search her on facebook 'Liya Ahmad'.

4th from left is Man Keedal

Actually behind me was a highrise building, thicked wallet residence in Manila.

Pictured with Brian Iman (3L), Mohamad Taha (L) and Ali Aji (R).

At the Ceremonial Hall

On my left is Omar Abdul Hamid, currently he is one of NBD Consular in the UK.

Makati, Manila. (During SEA Games)

Getting ready for live commentary on TV

I just cant place this picture, those tight pants fits me no more!

FIFA Media Course, on my right was Jorge Baptista. I wish to be at the World Cup Final one day!

Sports coverage abroad *can't remember*

My fellow broadcaster Mohamad Taha Chuchu *he is a cousin too*

I cant place this picture *again*

Ninoy Aquino Manila with my cameraman friend Zulkifli Tassim

In Terengganu, Malaysia. I was at the bench end.

Late night outing at Makati, Manila.

Break time after 7 hours of work before for another 7 hours to go!

Interviewing Dollah Salleh, they seems really like my question!

Being a broadcaster you have to master everything. 
Able to operate a video camera is one of them.

At the famous bridge in Batam, Indonesia.

The Manager of Soto Rindu Restaurant, Zainal Sapar. He is one of the most
successful restaurateur and a very humble person as well. I insist, he is very down to earth!

As a Brunei supporter, we are very brave enough to have a walk around the stadium in Kedah.

Takbai, Thailand. Due to current situation, it is not safe to go there.

You can see how skinny I am *lol*

Live on TV...

My Singaporean sister & brother, (L) Isadhora and (R) Ibrahim.

Jerudong Park VIP room, (L-R) Norleha & Fidelia.

Best place for seafood in Batam, Indonesia.

On my left was Masri Osman (he is no ordinary photographer, but he is somebody).

Live report on state's radio

(C) Datuk Jack Ting, prominent businessman & (R) Serijaya Tajuddin, most acclaimed designer.

(1L) Ali Aji, (2L) The State's Mufti Aziz Juned, (1R) Tajuddin Manggong.

He is somebody...ya, very somebody. Pehin Dato Nawawi Taha.

(C) Shaikh Malai and (R) Allen Shim. Both of them are very talented.

The region's most acclaimed motivator Dr.Danial (I am addicted to his talks).

(1L) Nona, (2L) Aziz, (C) Me, (2R) Dyn and (1R) Zaza. 1L, 2R and 1R is my Singapore counterpart.

Very respected scholar, Datuk Dr.Harun Din

Ladies & Gentlemen in black at the Sultan's Palace

From here and below, special place for my outgoing friends.
My ex-boss, Osman Mohamad (Retired).

My ex-boss, Hamiddon Ibrahim (Transfered). 
Now he is holding a very important position.

My ex-boss, (seated) Kamarul Azam Mohamad (Transfered). He has told me, he is on a honeymoon nowat his new office compare to his tenure at RTB.

My ex-boss, (C) Mohamad Sah Salleh (Retired). We are very very close until his retirement day. Also, this picture is taken during his last day in office.

My ex-colleagues, Dk.Maskupah (Retired).

My ex-colleagues, Nurul Nazeerah (Transfered).

Those tribute also goes to Mohamad Daud Matarsat, Hazwan Abdullah, Norizan Julaihi (Almarhumah), Rosnani Puasa, Rosnah Ibrahim and Yusri Abu Bakar whom has been very close and dear to me. May success be with all of you, Amin:)


  1. Sebak... kluar aing mataku mliat gmbr tani beramai wit lovely sister Allahyarham Norizan... Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang2 beriman Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin... Al Fatihah.

    I miss her a lot :'(

    Thanx Adi....

  2. too. Al Fatihah..-Salmi