Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last ten days.

Salam, good day. Here we are again in the last ten days of Ramadhan. This is most awaited part of Ramadhan in which muslims all over the world are asked to double up their effort to seek forgiveness and blessing from Allah subhanahu wata’ala.

How I wish the whole year is Ramadhan but now it almost leave us. Although in a couples of days we are going to celebrate Aidilfitri, but the spirit of Ramadhan has never gone by. Ramadhan has offers a lot to muslims and the muslims knows that.

Whilst some of the thick-pocket even perform ‘umrah’ (visit to Mecca) during this holy month in order to gain more rewards from the Almighty once they perform ‘ibadat’ (muslim practices) in the holy land.

In the meantime while others are busy with their preparation for the upcoming Aidilfitri, I was still doing final touch-up at my workplace. Although this is going to be very tough, but it seems very enjoyable. May Allah bless us with forgiveness, Ramadhan Al-Karim:)

...and today the Republic of Singapore turns 47th. I have mixed emotions when it comes to Singapore. More than 50% of my travelling percentage is heading to this modern city state. I really like this place, the Singaporean knows how to run up their Singapore brand which deserves admire. This tiny island is very impressive in many aspects, they are very strong financially and economically. There is a lot to write about Singapore but I just don’t want to sound exaggerated. But that’s it!

I would like to wish all my friends there a Happy National Day, be proud of your country!

Talking about food in Singapore, it has been their favourite past times and it has been my favourite too. So, I can't afford to miss out on this food (pic) once I was in Singapore. My number one of course Nasi Lemak Adams Road (pic above). So damn good!

Mutton Soup at Boon Keng at 2nd place 

Mutton Biryani at Zam Zam, Arab Street goes 3rd. 

Sup Kambing Merah, MA Deen Biasa at Jalan Sultan came 4th.

Garrett Pop Corn Macademia Caramel Crisp came 5th. 

 Satay at Stall No.8 at Lau Pa Sat came 6th

Whilst Putu Piring at Geylang goes 7th in my Singapore itinerary 

My well known Singapore friends Ibrahim Jamil (in batik) and Isadhora Mohamed (in blue)

Both Razak Rahim and Nona Kirana are also very well known there

A very good man Mr.George Yeo, once the top diplomat of Singapore. 
We still keep in touch.

This is during my recent visit along with Mrs to the Republic, we went to The Universal Studios at Sentosa.