Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another Landmark.

Salam, good day. The week has been taken from me, it was a very hectic schedule throughout. I start to feel the heat now. Working with-in the broadcasting and media agency is very demanding, I wouldn’t say it is a 24-7 duty but 10-7 would fit to my experiences.

The year 2014 offers a big challenge to me as well especially on how I am going to schedule my daily routine very properly. I have no choice but to keep going what I’m currently doing; family commitment, office commitment etc.

Alright, this week Brunei Darussalam has once again witness a historical event. The Sungai Kebun Ground Breaking Ceremony was held last Thursday in the capital. His Royal Highness Prince Haji al-Muhtadee Billah, The Crown Prince And Senior Minister At The Prime Minister’s Office consented to officiate the ceremony.

Soon after the completion in the next three years, it is a dream come true for those living at Mukim Lumapas and Mukim Sungai Kebun including for those working in these areas to have a faster way to commute from their place to the city, back and forth.

Beside using water taxi as a popular means of transportation crossing the Brunei River to reach the city centre, the residents in the respective area may also choose a land route.

But it has never been nearer and faster on the road, it takes more than 30 minutes drive and also more than 25 km for them to reach the capital. Midway through, they are also facing a heavy traffic at Jalan Bengkurong and Jalan Tutong especially during rush hour.

The travelling time and distance is expected to be shorten soon the bridge is open for public:)

HRH The Crown Prince consents to received a pesambah (souvenir) from the representatives of Daelim, Korea. Daelim, Korea is the main contractor of this project. Click here to know more about Daelim.

A signed plaque by HRH The Crown Prince

A group photo of HRH with the government ministers and the Daelim representatives with their associates.

A man walk passed a huge illustration of the Sungai Kebun Bridge

Right after the signings many took opportunity to snap a pictures 

This is the exact point of the ground-breaking / foundation-laying

A prayer was read to blessed the ceremony. I was there too :)

Whilst this picture is taken a day before the actual ceremony. Mr.Ahn of Daelim along with Jaemin and the rest of the team ensuring the ceremony to run smoothly and accordingly. 

This is at the PA System control room which also responsible for the video screening

I really like their helmets and the boots looks cool too. As for myself, it was a very good experience working and coordinating with this internationally recognised contractor from Korea. I could see their commitment and determination in order to ensure their job is a well done!

Click for more coverage on the ground-breaking ceremony here

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More or less.

Salam, good day. The year 2013 is heading towards the end and of course next is the year 2014 which I believe is going to be very tough. I have mixed feelings about the year 2013, especially when I have been switched to another unit from the previous 12 years position under my belt.

Just like anything else’, change is a must in life but it’s only the matter time for us to adapt to our new world.
However I’m still enjoying what I've been doing until now whilst at the same time I was thinking of to further my studies. Although I felt that it is going to be very tough as husband and a father of three, but I badly need to further my education. Of course this is for my own good.

As this is my last post for 2013, I would like to review a moment to remember for me throughout the year:

Aziz day one in school, CHMS BSB. 

Sa'adah day one in Muqaddam Class. 

My first case in 2013. 

Singapore trip with Mrs in April. 

My first CT Scan in May for the purpose of my atrial firbrillation ablation procedure which was conducted by Gleneagles's prominent consultants. The procedure was a success and now I rely heavily on my medications. 

A couple of hours after the ablation procedure, I didn't feel good for the first week but getting better after. 

Charity drive visit to underpriviledged at Kampong Kupang, handing over donations for the upcoming Hari Raya. This is actually my department's annual project. 

The kids during Hari Raya. 

The crew for Borneo Games coverage at Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia. 

10th wedding anniversary. Actually we both was born on the same date on 17th October and got married on our birthday in 2003!

Aziz (Captain America) came 2nd place for best dress at The Empire Hotel.  

Farewell function for my fellow attachment students of Jefri Bolkiah Technical College and this is the boys. 

Followed by the girls. 

It's a wrapped for 2013 and let's hope the coming years be very wonderful for every of us as well as very productive. This is no other than for us to achieve our goal, every success in our carreer and happily live our life with our wonderful family :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

10 days short to 1 year.

Salam, good day. My last post was back in November 2012 and it's way too long. Why? It might be caused by my hectic schedule and a bit of laziness. Throughout the year, I have done a lot of activity especially work related commitment which has taken much of my time. This year, 1st November marks my 13th year serving the Government of His Majesty. Also, I was twice admitted to hospital ward RIPAS and Gleneagles JPMC to work on some procedure to my heart. Alhamdulillah everything goes well and I feel much better these days. At the same time I need to be very compliant with my medication and also get myself active with exercises. From now onwards I hope I will post more of my activities here should the time permits:)

Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, in the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan. Actually this is a common scene for me as my office was just nearby. But suddenly one day, I didn't exactly know why I was totally eager to take a picture of this Brunei Darussalam landmark. I took out my camera and snap this beautiful scenery. According to a friend working related to tourism, Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque is the most visited place in Brunei Darussalam. 

This is taken from my office at 5th floor, during thunder showers. 

Whilst this is taken the next day, beautiful clear afternoon. 

This is the following day during rainshowers. 

What I found out on the previous picture, I see an image of the mosque appear on the droplets. But the image is originally upside down because it is mirrored. So this is a rotated image of the subject and I feel lucky to snap this wonderful moment.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Salam, good day. Yesterday was so hectic, my Sunday has been taken! LOL. I'm a bit lost yesterday, because I need to do my job accordingly, thanks to my wife who has been beside me all the time to offer me an advise when needed.

My schedules supposed to be like this:

  1. BSB Go-Kart Race (morning-afternoon)
  2. Primary School Sports Festival (morning-afternoon)
  3. Cousin's Wedding at Kampong Bengkurong
  4. Cousin's Wedding at Jerudong
  5. Agriculture adn Agri-Food Expo at Jerudong
  6. Veteran Football FA Cup Final (afternoon) and three more other events.
But I could only managed to cover the kart race in bandar. Not much of a story to write down here, but I do post below the over due pics taken during my daughter's kindergarten graduation at Chung Hwa Middle School BSB weeks ago. Have a pleasant week ahead:) 

Sa'adah's Graduation pic 

She has completed the first stage of her studies 

Whilst Zahra' has done it two years earlier 

Post graduation performances entitled 'Red Indian - Rave' 

Most definitely one the most historic day for the kids 

Sa'adah has no problem with dancing, she really likes it. 

Another powerful performance by the kindergarten graduates 

This isn't bad either 

Belting out the School Song to conclude the Graduation Concert 

We are so proud with the progress she has made

BSB Go-Kart Race (Novice)

BSB Go-Kart Race (Senior). It was a race to watch, great to see Harith Aziz and Jefrey Suresh in action and overtaking each other. However Harith emerged as champion, Jefrey came second place and Chan Key Hong in third.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fair enough.

Salam, good day. It has been a long time not here, the last time I updated my blog was during my trip to Yangon, Myanmar.

Actually, I should have updated my blog on 1st November, to commemorate my 12th year with RTB. Due to hectic office schedule, only now I manage to do so.

Alright, I started my broadcasting career with RTB back in November 1st, 2000. Not only as a radio announcer, but my job scope includes producing a radio programmes as well being appointed as master of ceremonies (emcee), sports newscaster, sports reporter etc.

Be it at home or abroad, I am widely involved in broadcasting for Brunei state’s radio and tv. But most notably I am involved with sports event. I’ve been to many places for sports coverage and programme exchange.

Talking about my experience as an emcee, the first time ever I was appointed was back in August 2002, during the Inter-Borneo Rescue Games 2002.

A week before the event, my boss has called me in to his office asking me if I’m willing to be an emcee for the said event. It was a mixed feeling than, happy and nervous.

By looking at my surroundings, they are more reliable and experienced candidates. But the trust has been given, so why not I should give it a go.

My first try was a success and the sports event which was attended by a minister runs smoothly. It was an amazing experience and I’ve learnt a lot from it.

Sometimes, only the emcee or someone been an emcee knows the importance of an emcee. They are the master of ceremonies, they control the event. The flow of the event should run accordingly based on the emcee’s announcement.

But there is also funny moment about emceeing, when things gone wrong they took the blame and when things run smooth they rarely get the credits. This is normal as an emcee, not only me but others too I’m sure.

Throughout my career, I was also emceeing at Istana and functions involving the royalty. I was also the resident emcee for Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah and DPMM FC.

Since I was under RTB (Government), I rarely get paid for my service. People’s mind set is that a government servant is not for hired. Normally I was appointed through my department, so I don’t have any hesitation to do the job.

But sometimes I do get tips from the organiser and I really appreciate that. (Thank you very much to those very kind people!)

I won’t agree if I was named as a popular emcee or presenter, but I would agree if one would name me as the most appointed emcee for formal/official function.

Talking about my travel as a tv presenter or narrator, I can hardly face competition years back but not these days, the likes of Rashid Rahman Hassan, Fahmie Metussin, Malik Jumat etc has been very promising.

Now, I see a lot of newcomers and new faces coming up. Beside their talents they came up with good qualification as well as their good look.

In my opinion, the most outstanding is Rashid Rahman Hasan. He rocks RTB radio and tv channels. There is also one girl name Mumtazah Jaafar, who has been very good in every aspect. The very first time I heard her voice, then I knew that she could go further up. Good voice, good personality and talented.

This line up of newcomers really impressed me, because broadcasting in Brunei Darussalam need those kind of broadcaster who came with good package or the so called ‘X’ factor.

Their voice is strong enough to attract listeners, their look is very good enough to stick the viewers infront of their television.

Although I’m not that often working or collaborating with Rashid, nor Mumtazah Jaafar but I know they are a frontliner a producer can rely on.

All the best to both of them and may Allah bless my career too. Amin ya rabbal alamin. Few pictures of my broadcasting travel posted below:)

During the launch of FIFA 1st GOAL Project Brunei 

This is the guy I'm talking about, Rashid Rahman Hasan. He is very talented, gifted and bright. Talent is not something you get elsewhere, but it is from yourself and he got that.

Live voice over at RTB Studio Manila 

Football match commentary abroad 

Belting out some numbers should time permit you! *LOL*
George Michael's Careless Whisper!