Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lailatul Qadar.

Salam, good day. Later this evening we will proceed to the last 10 days of Ramadhan in which Lailatul Qadar is said to be occur in one of the last ten days. The Lailatul Qadar is a special night which only occur in Ramadhan which offers a lot of benefits and blessings. The amount of 'pahala' given on that night is said to be so immense that the night is considered to be better than one thousand months. Lailatul Qadar falls on the last 10 days of Ramadhan, particularly on the 21st and 23rd night according to al-Imam as-Syafi'e Rahimahullah. However, according to Ibnu Abas Radhiallahu, Lailatul Qadar may occur on the 27th night of Ramadhan. Even various opinions have been contributed as to which night this special night occurs, the point is Lailatul Qadar will definitely be there and it will happen one night in Ramadhan. As usual, mosques and prayer halls nationwide will be conducting a 'Qiamulail' (late night sunnat practices) in their effort to get the benefit of experiencing of Lailatul Qadar.

Also one of the most commonly practise during Ramadhan is sedekah (donation). Yesterday the Radio Section of RTB has conducted a Jalinan Kasih, an outreach programme to help the poor, unfortunate and underprivileged people namely warga emas (senior citizen), anak yatim (orphan), ibu tunggal (single mother) and mualaf (converts). Other than RTB staff itself, this programme is also aimed to encourage the public to give a helping hand to the needy.

Acting director of RTB (far left)

'Anak-anak yatim' (orphans)

One of the sponsors receiving the token of appreciation

Among the recipients

Very touching to see them receiving their gifts

Among the sponsors (thank you very much indeed)

This bag is full of biscuits for hari raya

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kick starts.

Salam, good day. The English Premier League kick starts last evening and again it is while we are in the holy month of Ramadhan. By knowing last season's standings, the so called 'the big four' doesn't seems relevant no more. The emerging teams such as Tottenham Hotspurs and Aston Villa is capable of putting big challenges to the footballing powerhouse in England. Not forgetting the big spending Manchester City under the guidance of of Roberto Mancini, would also put another flavour to the world's most famous league. Whilst Chelsea,Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, these teams didn't spend much during the summer but has assured their fans they have enough good players throughout the entire season. Talking about the holy month of Ramadhan, this is the month where we can achieve more reward from Allah the almighty more than we can normally achieve. Although we are urged to double our 'sunnat' practices, we shouldn't miss out even one of our 'wajib' practices. Why we can perform 20 rakaat of Tarawih prayer in the mosque, but we are unable to do 2 rakaat of Subuh prayer in the mosque? As we know the 'wajib' gives us more reward than the 'sunnat'. May Allah bless all of us:)

Friday, August 13, 2010


Salam, good day. Hello brothers and sisters, hope you doing good through out the holy month of Ramadhan. Ramadhan has a lot to offer, it is the month for us to look inside ourself much easier than any other months. We should take this opportunity to do some 'scanning' (physically and mentally) which I believe if not many maybe one or two should be corrected from our inside. May Allah bless all of us:)

Alright guys, remember my recent posting on bruneidaily regarding road accidents? It is much worse than I would have thought!

36 road accidents in four days

Friday, August 13, 2010

A total OF 36 road accidents were reported in the four-day period from August 7 to 10.
According to the latest report from the Royal Brunei Police Force's (RBPF), 23 of the accidents were collisions between vehicles, 10 involved one car only, one between a car and a motorcyclist and two accidents where vehicles collided with pedestrians.
One person sustained severe injuries and eight others had minor injuries. No deaths were reported. Twenty-eight of the road accidents occurred in the Brunei-Muara district, six in Tutong and two in Belait.
There were 16 theft cases reported, including theft from a building, house break-ins and car break-ins, mostly occurring in Brunei-Muara district.
Among the items reported stolen were 10 mobile phones, a mp3 player, a laptop computer, 2 handbags, electronic equipment and about $2,600 in cash, the report read. The police also recorded one case of incest where a father was arrested for raping his daughter.
There were also 11 missing persons, including one missing person from a ward at the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital and five assault cases. (The Brunei Times).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st Ramadhan.

Salam, good day. Alhamdulilah, this year we have been given the opportunity once again, to embrace the month of Ramadhan al-Karim, thank you Allah. The 1st of Ramadhan which falls today bring happiness to all the muslims worldwide. My first day of fasting (*and of course is yet to break a fast) was simply great. Ramadhan teaches us to be self discipline in various aspects such as daily diet, spending (cash flow) and attitude. Since there is not much activities, I look forward to spend the whole month with my beloved family and may Allah bless us with more rewards more than as much we can normally achieve. To all my dear friends and colleagues, also bruneidaily visitors wishing you a wonderful, meaningful and successful Ramadhan. Ramadhan al-Karim:)

At Manggis round-about

With in the space of three days, I've witnessed three road accidents. All of them occured during lunch time. This is really bad, which I believe would further risen the road accidents statistics in the country and of course really bad for the respective driver it self. I remind my self and to all the road users to be more cautious while driving on the road and lets pray together may Allah bless our journey.

At Hassanal Bolkiah highway

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan al-Karim.

Salam, good day. Allah bless, muslims in Brunei Darussalam will mark the holy month of Ramadhan on Thursday 12 August. The religious officials confirmed the new moon of Ramadhan was not sighted. The result was announced last evening through the state's radio and television. Various religious practices will commence during the holy month such as tarawih prayer and tedarus in which to highlight the Ramadhan nights at all mosques and suraus nationwide. The Ramadhan stalls will also start their businesses on Thursday at several locations. Ramadhan Al-Karim:)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcoming رمضان (Ramadhan).

Salam, good day. Hello brothers and sisters, Ramadhan is very near now, Alhamdulillah. The Syariah Court of Brunei Darussalam has confirmed, the country's religious authorities will be conducting the Ramadhan moon sighting on August 10th at the designated locations: Bukit Shahbandar in Brunei-Muara district, Bukit Ambok and Bukit Agok in Tutong district and Bukit Lumut in Belait district. These locations will also be used to monitor the sighting of the new moon of Syawal. Ramadhan is an Islamic religious observance that takes place during the ninth month of Hijrah calendar. The holy Quran was also revealed during the month of Ramadhan to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It is the Islamic month of fasting in which Muslims forbids from eating, drinking, sexual conduct, smoking, and indulging in anything that is in excess or ill-natured from dawn until sunset. Fasting is meant to teach the Muslim patience, modesty and spirituality. Ramadhan is a time to fast for the sake of Allah, and to offer more prayer than usual. Muslims also believed through good actions, they get rewarded more than as much as they normally can achieve. During Ramadhan, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds. So, let's make full use of this upcoming Ramadhan, never let Ramadhan gone by:)

bd File

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sa'adah's big 4...Allah bless you.

Salam, good day. Today the 27th Syaaban 1431 Hijrah, marks Sa'adah's 4th birthday. Last evening we hosted her a dinner and bought her a small birthday cake. Whilst according to Masehi calendar, she will celebrate her 4th birthday every 20th September. She keep on telling us (my wife & I) to celebrate her birthday in school. Since this is her first year, she is looking forward to throw her classmate a birthday party. Also, few days ago we just noticed she's able to write down numbers and counts them. She likes reading as well but sometimes it sounds funny, mainly if she reads Mandarin and English. However, I'm sure this is the learning process for her and we hope she would do excellent in her study and Insya Allah will achieve bright future undertaking:)

Small but meaningful...love babu, bapa, kaka zahra' and abdul aziz:)

Some dancing after food. Thank god no one throw out...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Expensive takeover?

Salam, good day. 1st Rafael Benitez departure, 2nd Roy Hodgson arrival, 3rd Steven Gerrard committed himself to Liverpool, 4th Javier Mascherano wants to leave Anfield, 5th Fernando Torres just ended speculation and 6th is the taking over of Liverpool which is yet to be confirm. Although Liverpool only finished 7th during the last English Premier League campaign, but their on and off the field stories catches the ears of the sport followers. Should the takeover by Mr Kenny Huang is successful, he promised the fans to build them a new stadium and will spare some cash for Mr Hodgson to go for summer shopping. Also the possible candidate to take over the legendary English club is super rich Syrian Mr Yahya Kirdi and The Rhone Group. I just can't wait to know who is going to be the boss, hopefully in this few days we will know the answer:)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Youth Our Future.

HRH Prince Abdul Malik during yesterday's Youth Day Run 2010
(Images by bruneidaily).
HRH Prince 'Abdul Malik yesterday participated in the Youth Day Run in conjunction with the National Youth Day 2010. The event began at the Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien in the capital and ended at Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah. More than 1,000 youths from the Sports Associations, Sports Schemes, Youth Associations from the Brunei-Muara, Tutong and Temburong Districts, people with special needs and the public took part in the event. (Borneo Bulletin).

Goalkeeping legend Mohammad Yunos Mohammad Yusof

Mens 10km category

Ladies 5km category

Special Needs & Fun Run 2.5km category