Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sa'adah's big 4...Allah bless you.

Salam, good day. Today the 27th Syaaban 1431 Hijrah, marks Sa'adah's 4th birthday. Last evening we hosted her a dinner and bought her a small birthday cake. Whilst according to Masehi calendar, she will celebrate her 4th birthday every 20th September. She keep on telling us (my wife & I) to celebrate her birthday in school. Since this is her first year, she is looking forward to throw her classmate a birthday party. Also, few days ago we just noticed she's able to write down numbers and counts them. She likes reading as well but sometimes it sounds funny, mainly if she reads Mandarin and English. However, I'm sure this is the learning process for her and we hope she would do excellent in her study and Insya Allah will achieve bright future undertaking:)

Small but babu, bapa, kaka zahra' and abdul aziz:)

Some dancing after food. Thank god no one throw out...

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