Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zahra' turns 6...Allah bless you.

Salam, good day. Happy birthday to our beloved and eldest daughter Zahra', may Allah's bless be upon you dear. We wish you a very successful career undertaking in the future with the guidance of Allah the almighty. This morning she has entertained her classmate at Chung Hwa Middle School BSB as well as at home. Study hard, study smart Zahra'. We always love you:)
Me and my wife...
Our marriage is seven years old today (according to Hijrah calendar).

Zahra' cutting her cake at home, may Allah bless you dear.
Love babu, bapa, sa'adah & abdul aziz.
With her sister Sa'adah.
We wish Sa'adah to get thinner, but it was Zahra' who got skinny.
Zahra' blowing the '6' candles in school

Thank you K3 Green & K3 Gold!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Needs a full recovery.

PMO: No links with BMB
Bandar Seri Begawan

The Prime Minister's Office refers to the reports and articles linking His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and His Majesty's Government to the alleged purchase of Club Med.
This serves to state and clarify that neither His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam nor His Majesty's Government, have any interest in or association with the BMB Group or its related entities.
The BMB Group is not engaged as an investment advisor or fund manager for His Majesty or His Majesty's Government. The BMB Group has not been granted any licences by the authorities to conduct any banking or fund management activities in Brunei Darussalam.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MajlEx 26 July - 1 August.

Salam, good day. I can hardly sneak to my workplace for the whole week, been very very very busy working 'outside' the office. I thought with this upcoming holy month of Ramadhan, the assignment would be less but its gone the other way! Nevertheless I love what I've been doing and again I love the busy hours. Also, I have a lot of overdue pictures and stories as well, which I highly regret unable to post 'em on bruneidaily. At the same time I would recommend you to pay a vist to ICC for Majlis Ilmu Exhibition (MajlEx) at the Main Concourse Hall. The exhibits will run until the 1 August, 9am to 5 pm and it is such an informative exhibits. Please do come:)
Taken at Istana Nurul Iman and they are 'not' the State Decorations recepients though.
(L-R): Me, Sah, Redzuan, Rahim, Masnah, Rina and Jasni.

Whom are they taking shots to? HM just infront of them, big job.
(L-R) : Haranadi, Rafee, Azrol, Bahar and Jahri.

HM consented to visit Majlis Ilmu Exhibition (MajlEx) at ICC soon after the launching

Huge mat for 'Pasang' game

Whilst this boy play them on a computer software

Photo opportunity with HM's Private & Confidential Secretary.
His late brother was a good friend of my father.
Malays who live long before uses this to make coins *technology*
as well as this...

Photo opportunity with the most acclaimed motivator Dr Danial Zainal Abidin

Very old 'timbangan' (balance)
They reckon this as the first man alive in Perak or Malaysia or maybe
South East Asia. But who is this man?
We can't recognize, only skeletons left.

I like this picture *cool*

Mural inside the Royal Gallery, with 1,000 faces on show.

Spot me?

Ruler, Pen, Stamp and pen stands made up of gold.
This pesambah presented to HM by The King of Thailand.

Silver 'rehal', pesambah from The King of Malaysia.

'Golden Keris', pesambah from the former President of Indonesia.
This is one master piece of art, a 'Golden Nyiru' with 'Diamond Rice' on it.

The live telecast ended up here

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ain't over yet.

Salam, good day. Yesterday I attended three event, of course on office assignment. First, the handing over of Brunei Darussalam national flag to the contingent of Brunei Darussalam for the Youth Olympic Games which is schedule to be held in Singapore from 14-26 of August. Second, I went to ICC in Berakas to attend the full rehearsal for this upcoming 'Majlis Ilmu', which is going to be held on 26-28 July. Third, in the afternoon I attended a ceremony for the distribution of 'Kurma Kurnia' of His Majesty at the Chancellor Hall, UBD. All of the functions was a national event and a must for me to attend. Since I'm not fully recovered, I thanked Allah for helping me to clear up my job. Whilst, tomorrow morning one more to come, a get together ceremony for the rakyat and residence of Brunei Muara District with His Majesty in conjunction with His Majesty's 64th Birthday:)

HRH Prince Haji Sufri Bolkiah during a photo session with the
Contingent of Brunei Darussalam to the YOG 2010 Singapore

HRH Prince Abdul Malik has consented to distribute the 'Kurma Kurnia'

The line up of Penghulu and Village Head

Excellent packing

'Kurma' is medically and scientifically very good for our health

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Health worth more.

Salam, good day. Day 7 at 'pentas perayaan' last evening was a big hit. Firstly the weather is really good and fair. Secondly Hans Anuar, Putri Norizah and others were on stage belting out their numbers. The perfomances for Day 7 were organised by Radio Service of RTB which comprises of five radio stations namely Nasional FM, Pilihan FM, Pelangi FM, Harmoni FM and Nur Islam. The show is more to nasyid perfomances as well as the declamation of poems by the radio dj's which happened to woes the crowd last night. It is a very simple show but worth to watch:)

I start from here at the surau

Sa'adah has a lot to choose from (toys of course)

Tradisional musical perfomance usual!

However, I ended up here for a very late dinner.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Politically prepared.

Salam, good day. If you happen to read today's Brunei Times sports headline regarding football teams jersey, you will know this is one interesting story to share. Me myself have never been donning my favourite team jersey for over than 5 or 6 years, because I do respect our religious scholars fatwa not to promote liquor brands or any symbols of other religion. The same story has been highlighted again today, but this time I would be able to freely donning 'my team' jersey following a better sponsorship deal (with no religion sensitivity) they've signed this year and kicked out their previous sponsor (which is forbidden for muslim to promote). So, this is going to be the talk of town, as if the followers of the respective teams is willing not to wear their respective team jersey or to wear their team jersey and break the rules? Click here to read more

I do support Brunei Darussalam

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love the busy hours.

(L-R): Ali Aji, Aziz Juned (State Mufti), me and Tajuddin Manggong.
Salam, good day. The head is spinning all day! This morning I went to KB for HM's get-together ceremony with the rakyat and residence of Belait District. It was not an enjoyable 120km journey to KB due to the style our driver drove his car, too much braking! I admit, it is too much! Later in the afternoon I went to my workplace updating everything and it is yet to be completed. Whilst this evening I was attending a state banquet (for uniform personnels) at Istana Nurul Iman. Now its time to get a good rest and the head is still thinking of more assignment to come despite I have to deal with three pc at my workplace. Meaning that the first half of this year was really a nightmare to me but I enjoyed those busy busy busy hours though. Allahumma Ya Allah, bless me with excellent health:)

RBAF personnels

Live radio covergae for the get-together in KB

KB residence

Students involved as usual

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Allah bless His Majesty.

HM inspecting the guard of honour

Pak Lah was among HM guest (very romantic indeed)

To do this needs to be mentally and physically strong

My long lost friend, Mariswandy.

Along Jalan Tutong

Their Majesties on arrival at Balai Singgahsana

HRH The Crown Prince & HRH The Crown Princess

Members of the royal family

As well as this...

The 'Awang-awang'

The overview at Balai Singgahsana

With my friend Masri Osman (*he is holding a very important task, as always)