Thursday, October 11, 2012

It is good in Myanmar.

Salam, good day. It is my 7th day in Myanmar, so far has been so good. Although we face difficulties in terms of communication, but then it's not as hard as we would have been expected. The people here very polite to others, they work hard too. Also, there is no beggars around town or anywhere else.

We do know they have been isolated for decades, but they are not far behind. By looking the way how they live their life, it teaches me how to be appreciative of my good life back in Brunei. We are blessed in Brunei Darussalam!

Since the release of Pro-Democracy of Aung San Suu Kyi, currently Myanmar is growing and they attracts more foreign investors to come over. One of their city here Nay Pyi Taw is one of the fast growing city in the world.

But In order to attracts more foreign investors, Myanmar need to improve their information and telecommunication system to the highest level. Because it is strange if you are able to received sms but unable to reply? But I'm sure in few months time it will happen.

Also in Myanmar, please make sure to bring a lot of cash, they didn't accept transaction using credit cards. Not only the small shops, but the big department store didn't recognise what is master card nor the visa card. But its good too, to avoid me doing too much shopping:)

Morning workout at hotel's gym (I am staying at Park Royal Yangon). The man in white shirt (*didn't get his name) has represented Myanmar in body-building during the SEA Games in 1987 Jakarta, 1989 in Kuala Lumpur and 1991 in the Philippines. Whilst his wife was also an athletes, won a gold medal in three consecutive SEA Games in discuss-throw.

Myanmar Traditional music

Taken at Youth Training Centre, Yangon.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Salam, good day. Hope everybody is doing fine with their daily routine and may always keep on improving in what you have done. I also hope that everybody would appreciate the task given to them, raise up their initiatives and work hard to achieve their goals.

Alright, my blog has been outdated for months (*sorry for that) which is due to the hectic months of September. I did attend so many events and functions but my job does not permits me to take any photos (*I can’t do two jobs at one time). Also, I almost forgot the story about the events and functions that I have attended. So, rather than telling the wrong facts, I think its better not to tell at all.

Okay, currently I was in Yangon, Myanmar on official assignment. What can I tell you about this country, it has a lot to offer be it in the matter of businesses, tourisms etc. Many uniqueness you can find and see here in Yangon.

As for myself, soon after landed at Yangon International Airport via Singapore the airport does impressed me so well. The cleanliness, the cargo systems, immigration does not fit the story we’ve read in the international newspaper or the one what we have seen or heard on the international news cable.

Although the road traffic system is not as good as we did have back in Brunei (the drivers here are very daring), but the Burmese are very polite. I won’t touch on politics, but they are very good people here regardless of their race and religion.

Actually Yangon is the capital city the Republic of The Union of Myanmar. The population in Yangon itself was about 5 million (2010) out of 53.4 million population. With the total area of 677,000 square kilometres, Myanmar is the largest country in mainland Sotheast Asia.

The currency they use here is Myanmar Kyats, BND$1.00 is equivalent to MK 691.000. Most money changer here prefer USD$ or SGD$. Alright, my pics below do tell more stories:)

While on transit in Singapore. 
*Whose name is on the monitor? This is way cool...

The wheel & the driver for us in Yangon, Myanmar.
His name is Mr.Shwe.

Actually the road traffic system in Myanmar is meant for left-hand-drive but most cars are right-hand-drive. Hmmm...

Youth Training Centre, Yangon. Team Brunei Darussalam as well as Team Myanmar during warming-up prior to their first match. 

Media area at the stadium 

Personnels from Brunei Embassy in Myanmar was among the spectators for match Brunei Darussalam vs Myanmar. *White shirt with a sling bag on is Masli Abdurrahman, 3rd Sec. In this match Brunei lose by a single goal.

This cost at BND$5.13. In Brunei only cost you BND$4.++ 

Hell of a price, BND$24.00! 

This is way cheap, BND$2.50! 

A lot to offer at Bagyoke Market

We bought 'Lon Gyi' here, similar to kain sarong.

Myanmar also very famous for its Jade, I bought one here.

My colleagues infront an antique shop

Can you read that red board? 

This small book provided by Brunei Embassy is very helpful

Quick visit to Shwendagon Pagoda 

This huge Shwendagon Pagoda is made up of a solid gold. The height is about 326 feet and the gold weight at 3 tonnes. This pagoda is 2,500 years old!

It took at least one hour for tourist to have a look around the pagoda 

Soon after the visit, my favourite activities.

I'm not sure if we have this or not in Brunei. But I think we should have one, so good.