Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rabiulawal is here.

Salam, good day. Now we are in the month of Rabiulawal. As usual the mosques and suraus nationwide is full of activities to commemorate the birthday and life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and one of the activities is the recital of dikir. The dikir recital will continue until the actual day of the Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) birthday on the 12th Rabiulawal.

Whilst the hectic January is almost over and now we are heading to February which is only in few days time. The highlight in the month of January is the event called as "berjanawari". Have you ever heard of it?

According to Rozan Yunos In Brunei, a regatta used to be called "berjanawari", a word which will crop up every now and then among elderly folks in Brunei. Many have said that the word "berjanawari" comes from the month January. For these folks, "berjanawari" conjures up the time when January was a festival month hence, "berjanuari". In fact, Bruneians called the people who celebrated during this period "Orang berjanawari".

As for myself, I did produced a special documentary on this event for the state's radio and we do received a very good response among the listeners. It is so very special to revive and organised the boat race or regatta ini Brunei River which I believe would recalled the sweet memories for those who has lived in Kampong Ayer.

Are we going to see such race again next year? I hope so.

Also, I wish a happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese buddies. Although we didn't do much visit during this year's CNY, but I hope may the friendship will last. Xin nian kuai le and Gong xi fa cai:)

Beautiful weather during the race (Sunday, 23 Jan 2012). 

The very excited spectators, the 'tambing' is packed!

On-queue to be lowered on the water surface 

'Perahu Tambang' (water taxi) race

Craig Bellamy scored the decisive equaliser to send Liverpool to Wembley for the Carling Cup final. Bellamy levelled the scoreline 2-2 against his former club Manchester City 16 minutes from time, to secure a 3-2 aggregate success at Anfield. (Source: Soccernet and Getty Images)

It's Barca again! The el-Classico ended in The Catalans favour. Actually I'm not a fan of Barcelona but I'm a strong supporter of Real Madrid instead. But not since Jose Mourinho took charge at Bernabue, now I have no teams to follow in Spain. Barcelona scraped into the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey with a 4-3 aggregate win over Real Madrid, despite letting a two-goal lead slip in a 2-2 draw at Camp Nou. (Source: Soccernet and Getty Images)

Monday, January 16, 2012

The going gets tough.

Salam, good day. Hope everyone of you, my dear readers are in good condition. Another half of January left in the calendar, how did you kick start your 2012? As for myself, it feels like I was on the fifth gear now! haha... I started the year with a very tight schedule which I'm used to have but I still manage to go out for badminton and a 5km run, which I love to do. Although it is a lot of work and activity, you would be very happy once the job has been done. Actually it is only the matter of time. Once you done with the job then the tough gets going. However if the job is undone, then the going gets tough! haha... Let's pray for the good and hope all comes good too, Bismillah:)

Today, Chung Hwa Middle School marks their 90th anniversary. I'm not so sure if this is oldest
school in Brunei Darussalam but this is another benchmark for the school who have done the nation proud in many areas. (Image: bruneidaily file)

I send my kids there too, now Zahra' is in Year 2 .

 Sa'adah is in Kindergarten 3, she's active with her dancing class.

The Chung Hwa Middle School is a non-government, independent, public-funded Chinese school, established in 1922 by the Chinese community of Brunei. The school is the largest private school in Bandar Seri Begawan. It provides a trilingual (Chinese, English and Malay) learning environment while adhering to the national education policy. Actually the school has three divisions - the Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School. Enrollment is approximately 3,500 students looked after by a teaching and non-teaching staff of around 200. The school's main financial resource is derived from student school fees, other fixed income as well as contributions and donations of the Chinese Community in the country. The twenty nine member Board of Directors form a panel of the highest authority in the school. Click here for CHMS BSB official website.

In 1972, the school was honoured when Al-Marhum Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddin consented to officiate the 50th school anniversary. At the same time, a four-storey building was completed to cater for the needs of its secondary students.

To provide quality education to Tiong Hwa community in Brunei, Kapitan China Ong Boon Pang and few dignitaries, after much effort, established a school called York Choi School in 1918. The school had a humble start where it only rented a two-story shop lot as its classroom without a building of its own.
In 1922, the school was named Chung Hwa School and only 16 years later in 1938, the school made a major breakthrough with its own premises situated at Jalan Bendahara. (Source: Chung Hwa Middle School official website).

The BSB Go-Kart Race was held yesterday at the Waterfront (Jalan McArthur and Jalan Sultan) in the capital. Over 50 racers took part in three categories Novice, Open Class and Max. It was happening yesterday and the atmosphere is hot! More reports on The Brunei Times.

One dangerous job! 

Max Category Champion, Harith bin Pehin Dato Aziz .

Open Class Category Champion, Chan Key Hong. 

Pg Alam, the man responsible to start and finish the race! 

RTB sports caster taking various angle for the best shots.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I am 3 years old.

Salam, good day. Today marks its 3rd anniversary, since its establishment on 09-01-09. I admit, the year 2011 is not the productive one for bruneidaily, this is due to my office commitment. Now in 2012, the routine is getting heavier with my eldest daughter is attending a religious school in the morning. Although there is slight change in my daily routine, but I'm sure I can cope with it. So far from what I can see, the year 2012 also has offered us a busy calendar. Haha, this is a real challenge for me, especially for us working with the government. I won't talk much here, because picture speaks a much louder words. May Allah bless us:)

Photo opp with HM at ICC (Image by Hamadi Mohamad) 

I didn't cover much of events in 2011, but I've taken few pics which I believe would tells us there is still others in need. That's why to commemorate bd's 3rd anniversary, here I posted few pic of underpriviledged that I paid a visit during last Ramadhan. Pic above taken at a family of seven in Kampong Salambigar.

The hardworking team for the charity visit during Ramadhan 

Doing good - charity visit to Kuala Ungar Tutong 

Serambangun Tutong, the family of three. The senior (seated) was diagnosed with Parkinson's syndrome and both the boys are still unemployed. Their mother passed away long before. Didn't know how their feeling was...may Allah bless the family.

Almost broke my tears when this orphan telling me about his walk of life

They live in this house with no rooms 

Doing good at Danau, Tutong - You can help too

 I believe by doing this, then we know how to appreciate to what we have got.

Jalan Diponegoro, Samarinda - Hotel Bumi Senyiur, December 2012.

Oh man - I'm addicted to this - December 2012, Singapore

Our December holiday

Making the headlines in recent months and recently...

DPMM FC is heading back to the S-League, wohooo! 

Luis Suarez - eight match ban on him

October : Mr Gaddafi's poster depicted in a romanticised way in Libyan clothes hanging on one of the walls of the city. The former Libyan leader was captured and killed. (Getty Images)

December : Seven Bruneians were killed in a road accident in Tamparuli, Sabah. The tourist bus from Brunei reduced to mangled irons after crashing into a tree at Kilometre 8.9 Ranau-Tamparuli Road in Sabah. (Courtesy of New Straits Times Malaysia)

December : The North Korean Kim Jong Il 'The Dear Leader' has passed away

January : 'Anwar Ibrahim Not Guilty'. This has been a trending topic among the fb and tweeter community and I'm sure lot of our locals has been following the stories.