Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MajlEx 26 July - 1 August.

Salam, good day. I can hardly sneak to my workplace for the whole week, been very very very busy working 'outside' the office. I thought with this upcoming holy month of Ramadhan, the assignment would be less but its gone the other way! Nevertheless I love what I've been doing and again I love the busy hours. Also, I have a lot of overdue pictures and stories as well, which I highly regret unable to post 'em on bruneidaily. At the same time I would recommend you to pay a vist to ICC for Majlis Ilmu Exhibition (MajlEx) at the Main Concourse Hall. The exhibits will run until the 1 August, 9am to 5 pm and it is such an informative exhibits. Please do come:)
Taken at Istana Nurul Iman and they are 'not' the State Decorations recepients though.
(L-R): Me, Sah, Redzuan, Rahim, Masnah, Rina and Jasni.

Whom are they taking shots to? HM just infront of them, big job.
(L-R) : Haranadi, Rafee, Azrol, Bahar and Jahri.

HM consented to visit Majlis Ilmu Exhibition (MajlEx) at ICC soon after the launching

Huge mat for 'Pasang' game

Whilst this boy play them on a computer software

Photo opportunity with HM's Private & Confidential Secretary.
His late brother was a good friend of my father.
Malays who live long before uses this to make coins *technology*
as well as this...

Photo opportunity with the most acclaimed motivator Dr Danial Zainal Abidin

Very old 'timbangan' (balance)
They reckon this as the first man alive in Perak or Malaysia or maybe
South East Asia. But who is this man?
We can't recognize, only skeletons left.

I like this picture *cool*

Mural inside the Royal Gallery, with 1,000 faces on show.

Spot me?

Ruler, Pen, Stamp and pen stands made up of gold.
This pesambah presented to HM by The King of Thailand.

Silver 'rehal', pesambah from The King of Malaysia.

'Golden Keris', pesambah from the former President of Indonesia.
This is one master piece of art, a 'Golden Nyiru' with 'Diamond Rice' on it.

The live telecast ended up here

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