Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Expensive takeover?

Salam, good day. 1st Rafael Benitez departure, 2nd Roy Hodgson arrival, 3rd Steven Gerrard committed himself to Liverpool, 4th Javier Mascherano wants to leave Anfield, 5th Fernando Torres just ended speculation and 6th is the taking over of Liverpool which is yet to be confirm. Although Liverpool only finished 7th during the last English Premier League campaign, but their on and off the field stories catches the ears of the sport followers. Should the takeover by Mr Kenny Huang is successful, he promised the fans to build them a new stadium and will spare some cash for Mr Hodgson to go for summer shopping. Also the possible candidate to take over the legendary English club is super rich Syrian Mr Yahya Kirdi and The Rhone Group. I just can't wait to know who is going to be the boss, hopefully in this few days we will know the answer:)

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