Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kick starts.

Salam, good day. The English Premier League kick starts last evening and again it is while we are in the holy month of Ramadhan. By knowing last season's standings, the so called 'the big four' doesn't seems relevant no more. The emerging teams such as Tottenham Hotspurs and Aston Villa is capable of putting big challenges to the footballing powerhouse in England. Not forgetting the big spending Manchester City under the guidance of of Roberto Mancini, would also put another flavour to the world's most famous league. Whilst Chelsea,Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, these teams didn't spend much during the summer but has assured their fans they have enough good players throughout the entire season. Talking about the holy month of Ramadhan, this is the month where we can achieve more reward from Allah the almighty more than we can normally achieve. Although we are urged to double our 'sunnat' practices, we shouldn't miss out even one of our 'wajib' practices. Why we can perform 20 rakaat of Tarawih prayer in the mosque, but we are unable to do 2 rakaat of Subuh prayer in the mosque? As we know the 'wajib' gives us more reward than the 'sunnat'. May Allah bless all of us:)

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