Monday, November 15, 2010

Study hard, study smart dear...

Salam, good day. Zahra' has completed the first part of her educational studies (in kindergarten), with the graduation ceremony held yesterday at Chung Hwa Middle School. Next year she will be in Year 1, of course it will be a new environment for her, new faces and new challenges. As parents we are very proud to see the progress she has made throughout the years and we are very hopeful that she can cope with those challenges coming. As the eldest sister, we also hope she would achieve and deliver in her studies and be a good role model to her siblings. May Allah guide you, love babu & bapa:)

Post graduation concert with the theme 'Around the World'.


  1. hehe..kaka zahra' sdh pndai pkai lipstick!!

    ADIK, what are you looking at?

    'ashraff: "kaka sa'adah, you're soo gorgeous in pink gown" ;))))))

  2. omg i know her shes my class mate friend on year 4 purple i cant belive omg!

  3. omg ashraff i know that bo he is m crazy class mate on my class -.-