Tuesday, April 10, 2012

'Singapore's Tom Jones' passed away.

Salam, good day. I know there are many good singers that fail to get hits but unfortunately this Singapore based legendary singer which I'm going to talk about is a terrific singer and he has no trouble to get hits or whatsoever. He is the late Allahyarham Ismail Haron (13th May 1946 - 9th April 2012). He is also best known as 'Singapore's Tom Jones' (you would agree with that once you listen to his voice).

I'm not so sure if I should admit that I am the number one fan of Abang Mail (Ismail Haron) in Brunei, but I'm glad to be one of his friends amongst thousands of them. The first time I met him back in June 2008 during his show here in Brunei. Coincidently during that time I was on a holiday in Kuala Lumpur with my family. So I only managed to meet him during his last day in Brunei at Brunei International Airport.

Although we have never meet each other before, but I felt like he knows me well. We talked like we have been friend for so long. According to my colleague Hilmi and Shahrin who has been with Abang Mail throughout his stay in Brunei, he badly wants to see me. As for myself, I badly need to see him too.

If not because he migrated to Australia, Abang Mail would be as famous maybe as P.Ramlee, Ramli Sarip, A.Ramlie etc. But still, especially amongst Singaporean he is the 'Special One'. 

This pic is taken back in June 2008 at Brunei International 
Airport, prior to his departure to Singapore.

My bosses hosted Abang Mail and Maria Sata (Abang Mail's Manager) for a hi-tea during his last day in Brunei.

A quick visit to Kampong Ayer with Hilmi Suhaili (L) and 
Shahrin Embran (not in pic). 

I treat him for a lunch at Adams Road Food Court, during my working 
visit to Singapore in March 2009. 

The very last time I met Ismail Haron at his family residence at Jurong West, Singapore. Abang Mail was a very heavy smoker and I once told him to quit smoking and he only replied me with just a smile which shows he ain't ready to quit yet. I can sense he is facing health problem because of smoking, he can't stop coughing.

Although we are far apart, we stay connected via sms. I regret I didn't contact him during my recent trip to Singapore last March. His stage performances and unique singing style is second to none and will always be remembered.

May Allah bless your soul bro, Al Fatihah.


  1. Saw ur post. I don't think you will believe this but i am his niece.