Sunday, April 1, 2012

Can't resist.

Salam, good day. My recent trip to Singapore came with 3 main itinerary. The main priority is for S-League Football coverage, BRUNEI DPMM FC match against GOMBAK UNITED FC which DPMM FC has won by 3-0. Another itinerary; Sup Tulang Merah (MA Deen Biasa) and Nasi Lemak (Selera Adams Road). I would feel something is missing if I can't spare my time to pay a quick visit to both this legendary eatery while I was in Singapore. Actually on this trip, financially I'm not well prepared but in Singapore if you know the place then you know how to spend wisely:)

Lunch on the first day at HM Abdul Rajak Stall, Boon Keng Hawker Centre for Sup Kambing. Mannn...this is one good place to heat up your body. The sup is so very spicy whilst the kambing meat is very soft, easy to swallow. I would rate this soup at 8.5 out of 10 marks!

This is rarely happen but it happened. I accept those appologies and I hope it would never happen again in the future. Royal Plaza on Scotts, you are still my first choice!

Alright, this is very funny. We are talking about the kain here and as the sales rep approaches, he replied us in malay with an excellent Bruneian accent. He speaks really well. The guy (standing 2nd from left) is Mr.Ikbal aka Babu. He has been to Brunei so many times and of course so many friends. Visit him at VK Majeed at Arab Street, tell him you are Bruneian and he will give you a very special price.

Sharin Ismail has fulfilled his Mrs. wish to pay a visit at Universal Studios

This huge sculptures welcomes you here

This sculpture welcomes you too...

Whilst this sculpture (Habry Abdullah in black) welcomes you
at Lau Pa Sat for good satay *gluppp...

Fes-Retro's boss Effendi Said treat us this good teh tarik. As you can see the two pictures hanging there is the pic of Singapore PM having the teh tarik here. 

This youthful Imam delivering the Friday Sermons at Masjid Al-Huda...

...Kampong Tempe, Bukit Timah, Singapore.

Soon after, we went here but as you can see this is very frustrating!

Pre-match talks with DPMM FC management

Prior to live commentary

Alhamdulillah the team has defetaed GOMBAK UNITED by 3-0! Pic above are some of our friends from the office of Brunei Darussalam High Commisioner in Singapore. Also, the loudest shout of DPMM FC supporters comes from here...

Post-match report with Zainuddin Ahmad Zaini

The second time here at Boon Keng in two days. 
It was just a quick one for tapau and later...

...we were heading here for Sup Tulang Merah at Jalan Sultan.

This place is quite accessible really. MA Deen Biasa Pte Ltd is alike any typical mamak restaurant; with the only exception being the sup tulang merah, it’s signature dish; legendary for its crimson hue. A basket of thickly sliced baguette-like bread came with each order & was perfect to mop up the delicious sweet gravy; which though was deceivingly bloody, had just the barest tinge of spicyness. There is not much meat per set on each chunk of bone, and just like the sup kambing (mutton soup) at mamak restaurants, the main point is to enjoy the gravy, together with some bits of meat & the marrow. Click here

Oh dear...can't resist.

Actually it is unexplainable how good it was but as you can see here, our friend Haji Latif (who is currently in Singapore to accompany his mom for medical teratment) having the kambing in such an emotional way...haha...

Subhi Abdillah Bakir has been my favourite player!

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