Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A lot to choose from.

Salam, good day. Although it has been a very hectic week, but as human we can't resist when the appetite for food arises LOL. I admit myself as a food lover and a strong eater hehe... Last evening we are having Sup Tulang and as you know it taste really great. Accompany with noodles, fried onions and chillies, the Sup Tulang is second to none. I know, I keep on praising the best food abroad but surely here in Brunei Darussalam the foods was at par with them. Only it need to be promoted. Bismillah:)  

This home-cooked Sup Tulang is second to none
*Gear Box soup*

We went to this newly open eatery in Gadong for this Ayam Penyet. The environment does impressed me but not the parking space especially during lunch hours. The service is quite good and about the Ayam Penyet I would rate them at 6.5 out of 10. It is quite pricy too if we are looking at the size of the portion which is quite small. This review is on my personal opinion.

$15.00 for two of us *hmmm...

Whilst at home my wife busy demonstrating and practicing her bakery skills. Pic above is 'Honey Cornflake'.

This cupcakes was a big hit among the kids

This ain't homemade ok, this taste good too.

I was wandering who printed this banner at one printing shop at Jalan Tutong. The question is are we going to have 'Subway' in Brunei. In KL yes it is Halal certified but in Singapore is yet to get Halal certified. Ok, if Brunei is going to have one 'Subway' in Brunei, let's hope it is Hala certified straight away.

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