Monday, May 28, 2012

The older the ginger, the hotter the spice.

Salam, good day. It has been so long overdue, bruneidaily has been very outdated for a month. Actually I did attend a lot of events as well as travelling quite often too with in this month. But it's only the matter of time for me to do the write-ups.

Talking about my job which I consider as 'rojak', it goes really well *lol*. I do enjoy doing my work in the office as well as the field assignment. Also, I am more than happy to learn on how to do a job which I never have done before. This is actually a good piece of learning process which is very useful for my future undertaking.

I admit I am so very busy during the month of May, even the kids keeps on complaining to me *lol* but Alhamdulillah my Mrs knows how to deal with the kids.

Actually I don't know how to start the write-ups here because I do have a lot of story to tell and to write haha... So so many story here, yes I don't really know how to start!

Above all, Alhamdulillah so far everything goes well. By looking to ourself, we do have enough be it financially and materially. I have few friends who I consider as a 'thicked-wallet' people which are very stylish of them. They even look great with their branded stuff! Haha, good on you fellas. But this didn't convince me to change my lifestyle, but still I make good friends with them.

Coming from a middle class family (or maybe even lower) does help me (us) to see on how others live their life. We are able see on how easy the upper class dumped their cash freely and also how hard the lower class to gain a penny. This teaches me (us) on how to be very appreciative to what we have and to what we got.

There is time when we are deeply in need. But by looking on how hard the lower class live their life sometimes it could heals our problem and strengthen our patient. Be patient and be appreciative, so then we can happily live our life:)

I admit, I do have a lot of friends be it men or ladies. But talking about the loved ones, this is the one...

There are many good singers that fail to get hits but unfortunately this Singapore born legendary singer is a terrific singer and he has no trouble to get hits or whatsoever. The rock icon Mr.Ramli Sarip a.k.a Papa Rock! This man never fail to get hits! Photo opportunity with Papa Rock who is also the lead singer of The Sweet Charity. 

The so called 'King-of-fruits' which I'm allergic to

My bosses took the opportunity to have some
*$20.00 per kg*

This Ford Mondeo is actually my previous car, which is no longer mine. I love this car so very much but we are not meant to be. This car would have been 7 years old this month.

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