Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hair Salon or Indian Barber?

Salam, good day. I hope everybody is doing good and still able to ‘maintain’ their good shape *lol*. As for myself I’d rather  choose the ‘keep fit, not fat’ slogan as a lifestyle. In my opinion, when we choose this style to live our life, this shows that how committed we are to our health.

Of late, I start to get back to the running track along with my wife and kids. During my last appointment at RIPAS PHY (Cardio) Clinic, the physician has given me two options? Back to medication routine or be physically active?

From the Electro diagram (ECG) done on me shows that my heart needs work. Because I am very inactive, the hearts work less.

The physician said that we need to give our heart some work to do in order to get a stable and proper heart beat. That is why besides sitting the whole day in the office, we are advice to spare sometime to do some exercises at least 30 minutes a day.

Any kind of physical activities is good for our health but not to exceed the limitation.

Some people seems unable to change their mindset, I mean they are very interested in thinking on how to get rich rather than thinking on how to maintain their health.

For me, I start to change now. I started to control my diet and do more physical activities. Currently  I was in my mid 30’s, I think it is a shame to see elderly who is much older than me are able to do some jogging, football, badminton etc. 

There are ways on how to live a healthy life; balance diet (nutritions), physically active (exercises), good sleep, positive thinking etc.

Alright, about my headline ‘Hair Salon or Indian Barber’? Which one would  you choose? On my counts, I’ve been to a hair salon only twice since I was born! The rest is Indian barber shop:)

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