Saturday, May 7, 2011

Be strong mom, happy birthday.

Salam, good day. Today my Mom celebrate her 61st birthday. Alhamdulillah, at this age Mom still able to do house chores whilst at the same time she is also doing a small scale of business (food supply). In my family, there is no easy living. We have been suffering at times but thats not the case. With the help of Allah, we are able to cope with it, we should learn from difficulties but not to live with them. Compare to our cousins and relatives, we are a bit further behind financially and academically. But now, Alhamdulillah we live our life in a much better way. Although there is few problems has arise in our living, we have to admit that is life. Again, talking about Mom, she has been very inspirational! From my Day 1 until now, I can see Mom has been very hardworking which is no other reason just to make a good living for our family. Although Mom is very strict to us, but I'm sure this is for our own good. May Allah bless you Mom, stay in a good health and obedient to Allah subhanahu wata'ala. Love Azmi:)

Sa'adah at CHMS BSB Mother's Day 

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