Monday, May 2, 2011

Radio 54.

Salam, good day. Today Radio Brunei marks their 54th anniversary with the recital of Surah Yaasin, Tahlil and thanksgiving at Studio 'A' RTB. It all began 54 years ago during Hari Raya. May 2, 1957 is an important date for broadcasting in Brunei Darussalam as on that day, the words 'Inilah Radio Brunei' or 'This is Radio Brunei' echoed across the nation by Dayangku Intan binti Pengiran Datu Penghulu Haji Apong. Now Radio Brunei serves five radio networks with 24-hour service. I'm quite sure Radio Brunei is not far behind in the flow of technological developments. According to the information I've gathered, Radio Brunei began broadcasting in an Analogue format whilst the FM Stereo format was introduced in the 70s and now they are broadcasting in Digital DAB format. Radio Brunei has also entered the internet world with the launch of its Net Radio in 1999. Hmmm, this has been a long line of history by Radio Brunei and I hope they would able to fulfill the needs and demands from the listeners nationwide and worldwide, congrats:)

Radio Brunei Team in 1957.
This building was just across the General Post Office in town. 

 Radio Brunei in 1960

 Singing Contest which is organised by Radio Brunei in 1960

Radio Brunei in 1968. I'm sure you all know this location.
(Images courtesy of Haji Abdul Kadir)

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