Sunday, May 1, 2011

Four completed.

Salam, good day. My appologise for not being up to date of late, I was been tied up with a bunch of works. I ain't workaholic but the works has come to me and again its bunch of them!

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot events internationally. What catch my interests me the most is The el-Classico in the European Champions League, The Royal Wedding (although I didn't watch them live on telly). Whilst locally there is PRYNSA Awards etc. I didn't came up with my posting on those events, haha busy with assignments!

Later tonight was a big match in the Premiership, at The Emirates Arsenal will face Manchester United and Liverpool will go againts Newcastle.

Also just days ago, iPad 2 is officially launched in Brunei. What I heard it is such a big hit among locals. I'm yet to buy or use any tablets so far but my priority on my wish list is the iPhone 4.

Well, now we are in the month of May. I'm sure there is more to come and I hope I would be able to cope with them. Whilst tomorrow Brunei State's Radio Service will turns 54 years since its formation back in 2 May 1957. Cheers:)

Jungle Trekking this morning at Tasek Lama 

I came along with this gentlemen 

We are enroute to Bukit Sarang Helang 

They are five of us altogether 

My first visit to the summit 

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