Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get set.

Salam, good day. The past week has been very hectic for me, 'full blast' is the correct terms I should use to explain my very busy week. But I am sure, as long as you happy with what you are doing, the workload given to you is just like a piece of cake. Easy peasy man!

In the meantime, Alhamdulillah one of our big project (office project) has been postponed due to certain circumstances which need a very complicated explanation. What a relief! Although the preparation are all in place, but on my personal opinion the project should not be organise for now, because we are also preparing for other big events such as the RBAF's Golden Jubbilee Celebration, the Launching of BSB Waterfront Master Plan etc.

Whilst in sports, the footballing season in Europe is heading to the season end. Now we already know who is the league champion of the Premiership, Bundesliga, Primera Liga, Serie A. Meaning that the 'sms confrontation' and 'provocation' among the big teams fans here in Brunei are also coming to an end *lol*.

After all, I'm very hopeful the coming days and weeks is the productive one for me and my family. Prayer and effort is the key to success:)

Recap of what I did last week. Live TV commentary at ICC for The National Level Quran Recitation Competition. Enjoy working over there.

Live radio report for PD YAHYA Bicycle Race (130 km).
This is a group of the front-runners. 

However, this guy here is further ahead of them...hmmm. 

By the riverside along Jalan Kota Batu. This is part of the BSB Waterfront Master Plan Project. We expect more changes coming up in the capital. The launching of the Master Plan Project is going to held next week I understand.

One of the historic building in bandar were also being touched-up 

Even the 'bollywood's' producer were also here for coverage *lol* 

Alright, this bright girls is from UBD. They are on a week-long working visit attachment at RTB. (L-R): Rina and Liyana. This pic taken during their visit to the TV Sport Section. Thanks to Pg Muhammad Shahrin.

Another two of them, the funny Diyana and Simah. Haha about Diyana, we can hardly stop laughing when she's around. Wohooo...not willing to let them leave us this very soon! Also, I'm sure they gonna gain weight soon after they completed their working attachment here with us. Why? Morning we tag them along for breakfast, lunch on their own and maybe they are having hi-tea on their own too. They can't stop eating while staying with us! Cheers girls:)

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