Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another Landmark.

Salam, good day. The week has been taken from me, it was a very hectic schedule throughout. I start to feel the heat now. Working with-in the broadcasting and media agency is very demanding, I wouldn’t say it is a 24-7 duty but 10-7 would fit to my experiences.

The year 2014 offers a big challenge to me as well especially on how I am going to schedule my daily routine very properly. I have no choice but to keep going what I’m currently doing; family commitment, office commitment etc.

Alright, this week Brunei Darussalam has once again witness a historical event. The Sungai Kebun Ground Breaking Ceremony was held last Thursday in the capital. His Royal Highness Prince Haji al-Muhtadee Billah, The Crown Prince And Senior Minister At The Prime Minister’s Office consented to officiate the ceremony.

Soon after the completion in the next three years, it is a dream come true for those living at Mukim Lumapas and Mukim Sungai Kebun including for those working in these areas to have a faster way to commute from their place to the city, back and forth.

Beside using water taxi as a popular means of transportation crossing the Brunei River to reach the city centre, the residents in the respective area may also choose a land route.

But it has never been nearer and faster on the road, it takes more than 30 minutes drive and also more than 25 km for them to reach the capital. Midway through, they are also facing a heavy traffic at Jalan Bengkurong and Jalan Tutong especially during rush hour.

The travelling time and distance is expected to be shorten soon the bridge is open for public:)

HRH The Crown Prince consents to received a pesambah (souvenir) from the representatives of Daelim, Korea. Daelim, Korea is the main contractor of this project. Click here to know more about Daelim.

A signed plaque by HRH The Crown Prince

A group photo of HRH with the government ministers and the Daelim representatives with their associates.

A man walk passed a huge illustration of the Sungai Kebun Bridge

Right after the signings many took opportunity to snap a pictures 

This is the exact point of the ground-breaking / foundation-laying

A prayer was read to blessed the ceremony. I was there too :)

Whilst this picture is taken a day before the actual ceremony. Mr.Ahn of Daelim along with Jaemin and the rest of the team ensuring the ceremony to run smoothly and accordingly. 

This is at the PA System control room which also responsible for the video screening

I really like their helmets and the boots looks cool too. As for myself, it was a very good experience working and coordinating with this internationally recognised contractor from Korea. I could see their commitment and determination in order to ensure their job is a well done!

Click for more coverage on the ground-breaking ceremony here

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