Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More or less.

Salam, good day. The year 2013 is heading towards the end and of course next is the year 2014 which I believe is going to be very tough. I have mixed feelings about the year 2013, especially when I have been switched to another unit from the previous 12 years position under my belt.

Just like anything else’, change is a must in life but it’s only the matter time for us to adapt to our new world.
However I’m still enjoying what I've been doing until now whilst at the same time I was thinking of to further my studies. Although I felt that it is going to be very tough as husband and a father of three, but I badly need to further my education. Of course this is for my own good.

As this is my last post for 2013, I would like to review a moment to remember for me throughout the year:

Aziz day one in school, CHMS BSB. 

Sa'adah day one in Muqaddam Class. 

My first case in 2013. 

Singapore trip with Mrs in April. 

My first CT Scan in May for the purpose of my atrial firbrillation ablation procedure which was conducted by Gleneagles's prominent consultants. The procedure was a success and now I rely heavily on my medications. 

A couple of hours after the ablation procedure, I didn't feel good for the first week but getting better after. 

Charity drive visit to underpriviledged at Kampong Kupang, handing over donations for the upcoming Hari Raya. This is actually my department's annual project. 

The kids during Hari Raya. 

The crew for Borneo Games coverage at Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia. 

10th wedding anniversary. Actually we both was born on the same date on 17th October and got married on our birthday in 2003!

Aziz (Captain America) came 2nd place for best dress at The Empire Hotel.  

Farewell function for my fellow attachment students of Jefri Bolkiah Technical College and this is the boys. 

Followed by the girls. 

It's a wrapped for 2013 and let's hope the coming years be very wonderful for every of us as well as very productive. This is no other than for us to achieve our goal, every success in our carreer and happily live our life with our wonderful family :)

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