Saturday, February 12, 2011

No more love on the run.

Salam, good day. I'm gonna miss the republic really really bad! You name it, the foods, the atmosphere, shopping complexes, they are steps further than us *I'm sure with what I said* Many thanks to my charming friends as our host there who has been working very hard to make the entire programme a wonderful success. From my observation, we should put more effort to be among the powerhouse radio station in this region just like they did. I would say Warna Mediacorp was among the best that we should have learn from, their work ethique was outstanding:)

Hi Burger King, how I longed to you, but we are not meant to be...gluppp!

A place to go at the republic

I didn't get the place, but many chinese.

Trishaw not-uncle

Never leave the republic without this

Trishaw not-auntie...Better ask first, it cost you few bucks for one trip.

Plaza Singapura

Sit down again...the knee ain't strong. Need to get back stronger, can't wait for a run. I was struggling with my knee while at the republic. I never hit by such a problem before, but it came on a very wrong time now. I came late for dinner, breakfast and can't even perform solat comfortably. However until blogging time, Alhamdulillah its getting better now.

You are not baby...*lol*

Iman & Kak Dee

Hi boss, we appreciate that.

Who has got the nice teeth? *lol*

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