Friday, February 11, 2011

Done but waiting.

Salam, good day. Day 3 at the republic was another very long day but enjoyable. I'm glad we've made our job run smoothly, coordination meeting as well as the programme exchange. Here at the republic, be it in the civil department or private sector they has successfully implemented professionalisms to each of their servants. This has made our job comes easy peasy baby! I have been working and dealing with my counterpart there for years now, mainly with their state's television sports news. Many of them are considered as workaholic and these people has lifted the image of their agencies to the highest level. I was thinking if this culture would be implemented in our place, I'm sure we will see positive changes with in the servants mindset. Gonna leave the republic later this evening and I would say this was my most productive and memorable working visit ever:)

Morning run at Orchard Road *6km return*
Actually the knee is aching *very painful*

Orchard Road seems very very busy. This is due to the roadwork, to raise
the road surface in the aftermath of the recent flooding.

Coincidently this morning, they were a Chinese New Year celebration at Mediacorp Radio office and the highlight of the event was a lion dance perfomances. We took an opportunity to take a picture with an un-manned lion.

Best dressed staff *forgot her name*

This is one funny guy, my new friend Mr.Andy.

This ain't fire engine *lol*. This is actually a mobile studio.

The man inside the studio is William Xavier aka Mr.X *we are not allowed to go inside and he is not allowed to go out either* I supposed he must be a very popular DJ at the republic and he is doing an afternoon radio show. I'm sure you would love him once you meet him in person as being shown by my colleague there.

I've made Sarinah looks even lower, isn't it Rinah?
She should sit on the pick-up as well *lol*

During the farewell dinner

I'm gonna miss this beautiful moment *sob*

Sarinah's body builder pose at the non-sleeping Syed Alwi Road

I never missed out this 'mini kelapa' at Syed Alwi Road, Hasrin is tagged along.

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