Thursday, February 10, 2011

Energy and focus.

Salam, good day. Day two in Singapore was a long one but memorable. My day was supposed to start with a morning run at Orchard Road but coincidently my aunty was there too, so I cancelled my run, instead I'm having breakfast with her and friends. As usual at Royal Plaza which housed a lot of Bruneian in Singapore, we've met a long-not-meet friends as well as the new one. We do have a visit as well and the best thing was after more than one hard year, I've chocked-in Nasi Lemak Adams Road. Haha, thanks to our friends here who have fulfilled my un-official wish:)

This picture is taken by my auntie Aminah Yassin. *thanks ibu and my appologise you are not in picture* (L-R): Hambali Tengah, PI Salmah, Hasrin Damit, the legendary Kartinah Dahari, Sarinah Yahaya and myself.

At the vintage look but modern Asian Civilisation Museum
*highly recommended for civilised people* lol

The pointer was actually a ray of light

Pejeng-style Bronze Drum.
600 BCE-300 CE, East Java Indonesia.

This part showcases a Malay World.
I'm playing with this interactive video.

Central Africa is dominated by the Congo River which, together with its numerous tributaries, drains a vast area of diverse environments, ranging from rainforests to savannahs. For your information, the region is home to the Bantu-speaking peoples. Have you ever heard that?

How does Congonese looks?

'Picture Me a Picasso' and Shaikh, you failed!

My turn to stamp on...

...and me either! haha

This ain't iPad

With Zaza Majid & AB Shaikh at ACM or Old Parliament

Pay a visit to the Traffic Watch Center. The two ladies is monitoring the traffic with 500 camera under their control which covers the traffic all over Singapore. They can even zoom you in while walking on the street.

My long time-no-see buddy Tahar Ghalib

At last, the nasi lemak has come to me!

Me and Sarinah represents RTB while TG and Suriani represents Mediacorp.

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