Wednesday, February 9, 2011

May Allah bless.

Salam, good day. Its good to be back to Singapore after months of absents. Ooo...It keeps changing here, new buildings as well as new shops is mushrooming. I bring along a very big task together with me on this visit which I feel I should do more to make them a very successful one. One job done this afternoon and two to go. Once this job completed, I have a lot more job waiting at home and in the office. I starts to feel the tension now but thanks to 'Zikrullah' which does help to overcome difficulties:)
My luggage weight

Checking out the food directory

Never question this excellent internet connection at RP on Scotts

Hi-tech coffee maker

Alright, day 1 in Singapore was pants-tightening! Breakfast prior to departure, in-flight meal, 'biryani' lunch, oriental hi-tea and malay-styled dinner. Where to keep, I dont know but we can't stop eating.
Mutton biryani for lunch

Queueing for the big hit hi-tea at Carousel RP

Enough for seafood

My Singaporean counterpart.
(L-R): Murni, Isadhora, me & Ibrahim.

On my way to Paragon

For one of this brand...?

Now you know


Our chauffer

The Surau at Mediacorp

Later for dinner

A giant curry puff! One is enough.

(L-R) Aidi, Zac & Me.

This place reminds me of my first visit to Singapore

Day one concluded here. I do miss my wife and kids at home:)

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