Monday, February 14, 2011

Big task.

Pictures of my brother's wedding, ladies & girls in my family.

Uncle Jo & Auntie Ros

Among the VIP guests

Goodie bags for the attendees

The Cousins, not a bad pose really! *lol*

The 'hantaran' from the groom

The nephew & nieces

Photo opportunity with the Minister of Home Affairs

I could never imagine how time flies that fast, my nephews & nieces is
getting older now.

Brand new car for their wedding

My eldest daughter was not here, she's not feeling well.

Picture perfect bro! How dare you uncle, you've got much better phone
(smartphone) than me. I'm still using an eight years old phone! *lol*

You will never get a good picture with Sa'adah

Pit-stop at KK Koya for their most acclaimed rojak on our way back home

My siblings was there too...heh, I pay for their food! *lol*

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