Monday, May 10, 2010

Road to South Africa.

Salam, good day. Radio Brunei (Government owned) celebrated their 53rd anniversary namely 'Radio 53' with a high note. Following their recent 'Menjejak Kampong' success in Temburong, now the main focal point move to Giant Hypermarket Tasik Rimba. Actually the activities at Giant begins on the 2nd of May, however only yesterday they push it to the full swing. Harmoni FM in their effort to be the leading radio station with family oriented programmes, yesterday has organised 'Pencarian Wanita Pesona' which is produced by Salmi Ibrahim. The main objectives is to educate and aware mothers on the importance of practising a healthy lifestyle which would drive them to a beauty looks and happiness. The programme is judged by the most acclaimed beautician Farrah Abdullah and Yusni Yusof. But early on, Nooridah Aniwati has produced 'Bersama Bintang' which lined up Harmoni FM's 'Bintang Radio'. Later in the afternoon, a crowd puller 'Bermukun' takes on stage. The 'Bermukun' is hosted by Zaini Yusof. A lot more to come from 'Radio 53' and the road show will conclude on the 16th of May. So, please do come:)

Dj Iskandar and Dj Salmi

Harmoni FM's 'Bintang Radio'

The schedules...

The 'frontstage' crew

As part of the programme 'No Drugs at All'

Kids was among the onlookers...but what are they looking at?

Haha, the elderly choice of entertainment the 'bermukun'.

The most acclaimed 'bermukun' moderator Zaini Yusof

You can hardly see youngsters, only the elderly.

The three of them are also consider as elderly...haha. My appologise sis!
From left: Dj Noridah, Dj Lia and Dj Fauziah.


  1. RTb shud inviteDj-Dj yg femes ..mana si Jenny, Tini ..Dafy? Dey r d most success DJs in Brunei & RTb.

  2. Bravo to all of Harmoni fm crews, as well as National fm crews who help us out there..