Friday, May 7, 2010

Mum turns 60.

Salam, good day. May Allah's bless be upon my mum who turns 60 today. The age of 60 means a lot to our elderly in Brunei Darussalam in which they are entitled to receive their monthly pensions as well as my mum. Talking about my mum, she is a hardworker, she cooks good and a very fast learner. Actually, i don't know exactly what to write down here. But, she is everything and every mum is the coolest person on earth. I pray for your health, happiness and may you keep on obedient to ibadah, amin ya rabbal alamin. Love Azmi and family:)
Zahra' handed this to her beloved mother with mandarin wording on it... well as Sa'adah. Well done to both of you dear.

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