Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family comes first *new year resolution*

Salam, good day. Wish you a prosperous and a very happy new year of 2010! We spend the first day of 2010 in our neighbouring Miri and my family seems enjoying their wonderful time at the JW where we stay. However, I still owe Zahra' and Sa'adah a vacation to Singapore whilst also owe Abdul Aziz a visit to Kuala Lumpur, Insya Allah bubu and bupu won't let you down. Alright, what would we expect from 2010? For me, its a very challenging year to come in terms of family and office commitment. One of them is Sa'adah's first year in kindegarten at Chung Hwa Middle School. Also there's still a lot of uncertainty such as Brunei's football governing body status, the implementation of SPN21, H1N1 vaccines, global warming, peace process in some part of the world, Pacquiao and Mayweather bout, EPL mathces, Schumacher's come back to F-1 GP etc and more... So we do expect the 2010 is very demanding and its up to us how to overcome those obstacles and challenges, Allah bless us:)

My view shows a heavy traffic at the immigration control post

Enjoying their meal upon arrival

Bit and pieces for Abdul Aziz

Good pose from Sa'adah

Whats wrong kids?

Hehe, the main attraction for the kids

Zahra' with her tense look...hehe

They leave us behind only for swimming

Bubu with Abdul Aziz enjoying the relaxing environment

A lot of coins from different countries are thrown inside the fountain

Enjoying the lavish Miri Marriott

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  1. cekci aah c gemuk ah..kaka mana tudong? swimming? :) -bbu amit