Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to school, welcome to school.

Salam, good day. Yesterday Sa'adah attended her first day in kindergarten at Chung Hwa Middle School. I'm quite relief to see her enjoyed the first day in class while others were still unable to get use to the new environment. With this, another committment for us to guide both of them (Zahra' and Sa'adah) whilst also another school fees to pay *I don't mine to pay since its mean for education* From now onwards I need to work hard although there's still a long way to go, but time is running fast and should never wait. Alright, what will January or 2010 will brings? I'm yet to know and we should never know *Allah knows*. So, lets work and see, work and walk, work and run, work and climb to success:)

School fees upon registration

Study hard and study smart dear...

Sa'adah's first day in Kindergarten 1

...really enjoyable for her.
Zahra'a with her sleepy look...

Her first day in Kindergarten 3

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