Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back to full working hours.

Salam, good day. How's your hari raya? Hope everything is fine. Last evening we attend HRH Princess Hajah Amal Rakiah (AAR) open house in Beribi *the only house we visited yesterday*. Although I was on medical leave, I think I need to fulfill the invitation. In 2007 AAR family invited us which we couldn't attend, in 2008 AAR family celebrated hari raya in Singapore, so this year is an opportunity for my family to pay a visit since AAR family was here in Brunei. Oooh, alot of delicacies to choose from but my choice was the 'biryani kambing' *damn good*. They also showcasing a live music perfomance as well and my daughters really enjoy the show and sing along. Thanks Your Royal Highness on your excellent hospitality, we really appreciate:)

At the main entrance.
I'm yet to get our photo with HRH Princess Hajah Amal Rakiah from Mr Rano.


My wife enjoying the 'biryani kambing'

...while my daughters was enjoying the show

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