Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ain't busy visiting.

Salam, good day. On the 1st day of Syawal me and my wife was hit by diaphrea 'cirit birit', I don't really know what caused the problem. Oooh, it cost us a lot on the first day. We almost miss out to visit my family side and my wife's granny. One pinch of rice or a piece of biscuits enough to make things worst for us *oh dear*. So, we are only able to visit two houses on the first day. Whilst last evening we held an open house to mark my daughter, Sa'adah's 3rd birthday. Although it was just a small celebrations, but it means a lot to us and the birthday celebrant itself. Meanwhile this morning my 'puasa sunat' only last for six hours *since 4am sahur time*, I need to take medication to overcome my diaphrea problem. Hope everything goes well, amin:)

From left; Sa'adah, Adi Zulhazmi, Abdul Aziz, Dk Saraya & Zahra':)

Sa'adah's birthday cake

She eat too much

My son Mr Abdul Aziz, in baju melayu & songkok

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