Thursday, June 11, 2009

South Africa World Cup, one year left!

Salam, good day. I'm glad to see Borneo Bulletin's today's sports headline '...Top cueists eye US$45k in Brunei...'. It was such a big amount of cash prize! Brunei will be hosting Asia vs Europe 9-Ball Pool Team Championship which is scheduled to be held from August 7-9. Europe's and Asia's big name will battle it out here again. I can't wait! Whilst on the front page headline, it won't impress you but it worries you instead. One of the item was '...Bushfires Along Jerudong, Kg Rimba...'. Are we currently in the dry season? I hope not. According to the Fire and Rescue Department, the cause of fire is still unknown and an investigation is still ongoing. Logically it is caused by open burning, we can see open burning everywhere. So please prevent to do such thing, since it's can only worsen our environment and weather:)

Scene at The Mall this morning.
I believe they are gearing up for the e-Government exhibit.
I believe...

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