Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Ocean, Our Responsibility.

JB rules Istanbul!

Salam, good day. Last morning I drop by at Chung Hwa Middle School BSB for charity fun fair. Although I was a bit late, but a lot of events still running. Congrats to CHMS BSB on their effort. The fund collected will proceed to The Crown Prince Orphanage Fund. Congrats again! While last evening, one of the most awaited encounter between QAF FC and AM GUNNERS FC was held at Berakas Sports Complex. QAF once again have shown their supreme control after defeating the newly promoted team by 5-0. The defending champion QAF very dangerous through their attacking flair, Adie Arsham and Hamizan Aziz stroll Gunners defence almost entirely in the 90mins of play. Itseems very interesting watching QAF FC on their peak of form. In another match Brunei Shell FT lose 0-1 to AH United at BSRC Field:)

They seems untouchable

QAF FC's supporter

AM Gunners FC's line-up

Fun fair at CHMS BSB

Trying out their luck

What's cooking?

Luck testing again...

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