Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who rules Istanbul Park?

Barry helps to calm England's early nerves and sloppiness to nod in the opener
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England 4-0 Kazakhstan
'...England will return from the arduous 7,000-mile round trip to Kazakhstan a step closer to World Cup qualification - but only after a brief encounter with embarrassment in Almaty...' - (
Salam, good day. Last night we are having a thanksgiving ceremony for Zahra' who celebrate her 5th birthday on hijrah calendar. Though it was only a small function attended by her granny and cousins. We served 'beriyani' on banana leaves, cucumber salad, 'dalcha' and watermelon. All of them was Zahra's favourite dish. The idea of having 'beriyani' on banana leaves is to feel the taste of Indian style and also few days ago I went to Muthu's Curry at Seranggoon in Singapore, in which they served 'beriyani' on banana leaves. It taste much better! I miss them! Have a pleasant week ahead:)
We love you...
babu, bapa, adik sa'adah & adik abdul aziz

On the 14th of Jamadilakhir 1430

Abdul Aziz turns 50 days old

Big hit 'beriyani' last night

Sa'adah (L) and Zahra' (R)

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