Saturday, June 20, 2009


Salam, good day. Weaheyyyyy! The atmosphere was very hot at the airport this afternoon on welcoming home Brunei DPMM FC after their Singapore League Cup triumph last evening. Also at the airport was the Permanent Secretary of The Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports and senior government officials. Also this afternoon, since I have to go the airport, I missed out the official closing of Youth Sports Festival at the HBNSC Indoor Stadium, my appologise. Factfile: The first foreign team to win silverware in Singapore football. The first debutant to win a silverware in Singapore football and maybe the first team to win a silverware without a full strength squad. Pictures speaks a thousand words, so please enjoy the pictures below:)
picture of the day!

Align Center

DPMM FC's 'tukang pukul'

Deciding penalty struck by this man 'Mr Rosmin Kamis'
also as the stand in captain *two thumbs up*

Hi granny, we appreciate you!

Former DPMM FC's Asst.Coach Pg Serfudin (L) with
Pg Raffi (R) of HRH Crown Prince Office *a very good man*.

It's good being a coach *emm*

Pg Sallehuddin with Affendy of FES Retro

It ain't easy being a photographer! I really know.


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