Saturday, May 2, 2009

Radio Brunei turns 52 today.

Salam, good day. Today 2nd May 2009 marks the 52nd Anniversary of Radio Brunei. This morning a get together is scheduled at Dewan Bandaran Belimbing Subok. On my thought, after The Information Department (as a written media), Radio Brunei (as an electronic media and government owned) also plays a big role in providing and giving out messages from the government to rakyat and from rakyat to the government. Hopefully this will continously strengthen and brings the success of all parties. Last night, Harmoni FM organised a 'Malam Nostalgia' in conjunction with Menjejak Kampong. The guest of honour was Awang Haji Shaiful Bahri bin Haji Awang Manshor, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the PMO. With the line up of veteran artists, the atmosphere was really hot. Enjoy the pictures and have a pleasant weekend:)

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