Sunday, May 3, 2009

Menjejak Kampong ended today.

Salam, good day. Menjejak Kampong ended today. The three day event took place at Dewan Bandaran Belimbing Subok. This morning Walkathon Menjejak Kampong was held at Bukit Karamunting, followed by fun fair and some other events. The response among the kampong's residence was very overwhelming. Later this evening a closing ceremony with the theme 'cultural night' is scheduled as well as the presentation of certificates. Congrats to RTB, mukim's and kampong's residence, Brunei Muara District Office on their guts to organised such wonderful event. Wooo...tiring week really:)

The guest of honour, Pg Hj Ali bin Pg Hj Othman(5th from right)
The Chairman of BSB Municipal Board during the closing ceremony

As the theme was, it was a cultural perfomance as well

Pehin Dato Yakub was among the recipients

Hj Mazani Abdul Kadir of RTB

This morning's walkathon starts at Sekolah Rendah OKBI

YB Pehin Orang Kaya Johan Pahlawan DSS Hj Adnan,
The Minister of Home Affairs joined the walkathon.

Could you believe, they are battling at the tug of war
after the walkathon? This is RTB team.

Kampong Subok team

Brunei Muara District DO, DP Hj Yusof assisting RTB team

Mohammad Darus of JBS (left) with his former boss
Hj Haris Othman (right) now the Brunei Muara District ADO

YB Pehin was a very good friend of mine. We meet almost everyday at Masjid Lambak Berakas, mainly at Subuh prayer. Very good role model he was, very charismatic, very workaholic (working seven days a week) and of course he loves 'masjid' (mosque). I still remember during the first few hours he was promoted as The Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, I was the first emcee to officially announcing his new position. I'm so glad to do that since he was my idol...

This morning's 'Cabaran Kuali'

'Cabaran Teh Tarik'

YB Pehin at Cabaran Kuali

Beracun (wig on) was there too

I've used this prayer mate at JP Golf & Country Club.
For what? The coverage on tomorrow's posting.

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