Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mum turns 59 today, may Allah bless you...

Salam, good day. Please be careful while you are on the road, please... As reported by RTB, a 51 year old Bruneian was killed yesterday after suffering a critical injuries after he was hit by a bus while he was fixing his punctured tyre near the Berakas Forest Reserve. Again, please be careful mainly at the highway. The Royal Brunei Police Force always reminded motorists to be more cautious while on the road and follow the road safety regulations. Also yesterday I managed to capture on my cam a Police Traffic Officer at work. They are holding with them a camera which I believe being used to read the car running speed. God thanks, I'm not being trap. So, please be careful. Also on my today's post, I pay tribute to my beloved mother who celebrate her 59th birthday today. May Allah the almighty bless babu with excellent health, compliant with ibadah and happiness now and the day hereafter:)

This was at Kiulap Roundabout

More pictures of Menjejak Kampong.
Walk-in-audition conducted by TV Programmes Section.

The Minister of Home Affairs being interviewed live on radio
by The Head of Nasional FM.
Brunei's most prominent musician Jahri Gemok

Wooo...the aftermath. Thanks to Hj Daud, Hilmi, Hj Azizul, Hj Jaya and Irwan Rino on their guts to pick up and clean this things prior to the dinner with the guest of honour.

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