Friday, May 8, 2009

One Village, One Product.

Salam, good day. Yesterday at Dewan Muhibbah, The Minister of Home Affairs YB Pehin Orang Kaya Johan Pahlawan DSS Hj Awang Adnan has launched a book entitled 'Mukim and Kampong Product Directory' which contained information on various products supplied by mukims and kampongs in Brunei Muara Districts. All round of applause to Brunei Muara Districts Office on their effort which would help local entrepreneurs to promote and produce their quality products into a larger market. This morning I dropped by at the exhibition and yes, I'm happy to see that the local products is going to the right direction to achieve the nation's aspiration 'One Village, One Product':)

This is 'tapai'. Made up of half cooked rice, sugar and yeast. All the combination is pack in 'daun nipah' (palm leaves). Before, it is pack inside 'daun simpur'. Taste very sweet...

This is called 'punjung'. The biggest component of this food is coconut milk. I don't know exactly what the ingredients are, but also it taste really sweet. According to the seller, she has received an overwhelming response since the first day of the exhibition. If you happened to make a booking, please call 8630610 or 2201583. I'm sure you gonna like it...

Trying out 'tapai'

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