Monday, March 16, 2009


Salam, good day. Now we are in the first half of March, just a few days left for the first term school holidays. But keep in mind, soon after the school holidays starting April onwards it was the crucial time for students in their academic studies. Why crucial? Take a look at this, in each year we have 365 days. We leave out Friday and Sunday which in total was 104 days, so there is only 261 working days left. Then for this year, we have 14 days of public holidays. Meaning that there is only 247 working days left. Ok, let's get bigger now. There are four school terms, meaning that there are four terms of school holidays with the total of 75 days. Wow! So there is only 172 days for the students to go to school (Base on my counts, it is unofficial). Is it enough? Maybe yes for some, maybe not for others. So, at the end of the day it is the initiatives by the students and their parents to take note about this matters. They should make use every minutes attending their class to study hard, make revision regularly and aiming for good results for their own success.

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