Wednesday, March 18, 2009

After Two Years.

Salam, good day. This morning I'm leaving for Singapore. My last trip to this mordern island is back in March 2007. Compare to any other country in this region, both country Brunei and Singapore is holding the highest currency. So don't expect to spend a lot in Singapore since we are also sharing the currency notes. Also this is a working visit, so should only time permits I will be able to go out wandering around. More updates coming up should I meet with an internet connections in Singapore. Uniquely Singapore!

Not as usual

Our pilot, Redzuan

The veteran of all

My uncle, Sheikh Abas (in black)...It has been a long
time I didn't met him, unfortunately we met in Singapore!

Fuel station on the roadside?

The onion almost fall on our mpv

The most happening street, famous indeed.

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