Sunday, March 15, 2009

Awesome Reds!

Salam, good day. My appologise to all my dear visitors, for the past few days I am unable to post any updates since I'm not feeling well. Only today I'm feeling better with only slight coughing. I hope its getting better. While last evening was very 'hot' in Brunei and of course at Old Trafford. Two most bitter rivalries in world football Manchester United hosted Liverpool at their home ground and what? The Reds humiliated the home team by 4 goals to Red Devils 1. Oh yes, what a game it was and it was a kind of tonic to me since I'm not feeling well. Alhamdulillah. Ok enough, forget football for a while. This morning I went to Berakas Forest Reserved for 1st Asean Mountain Biking Championship. A very challenging racing track indeed. Salute to Cycling Federation of Brunei Darussalam on their effort to host such a very succesful event. Congrats!
Getty Images / Soccernet

Flag off for Cross Country Elite Categories by
Hj Rosli Hj Mohidin (President CFBD)

Brunei's very own Chan Kwei Meng

Hj Wahab, Brunei National Cycling Coach

Hj Othman, Brunei National...what? Brunei Nationality.

Some of them pretending not to see the camera...hehehe

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