Saturday, January 24, 2009

Liverpool FC on sale?

Assalamualaikum...What I heard Liverpool FC is on sale to Kuwaiti's multi rich family. I hope they'll close the deal and The Reds going to the right direction. You'll Never Walk Alone! Below are photos taken during my recent visit to KL and Perlis. Enjoy and have a pleasant weekend!
This photo taken at Kg.Ujong Bukit, Perlis. Next to my right was a very good friend of mine Syah Mohammad Hasyim of Perlis FM. We've been working very close for years now especially on sports programmes. He is a father of six as well (I appologise if i'm wrong). Next to my left was Sofiah Abdullah, I would consider she was also a very good friend of mine. Though, we dont talk each other that much. We first met two years back in KL on the same working visit, but when I told her that we've met before she didn't remember me. We've been working on such programmes. About her, she's married and I never ask her either they have children or not. While next to her is Khairul Munira Abdul Razak. She's married and a mother too. Me? I am the one with DSLR camera hang on. Nice meeting all of you.

RTM's Klasik Nasional FM hosted us a dinner at this place...fine chinese dish...

Kangar Town

At Lot 10 food court, my first stop...nice lamb chop...My wife's favourite...

The line up for Tiga Serumpun drama recording...Datuk Jalaludin Hassan (4th from right), Darling Ngasri (5th from right), Ibnu of RTB (2nd from right), Hj Md Sah of RTB (3rd from left) with officers from RTM, RTB & RRI.

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