Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I was in KL

Assalamualaikum...Yesterday (20th) i've landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This is my first time since February last year. Not even a day yet, i've already missed my beloved wife, adorable daughters...Bapa missed you, take a good care of your self. Of course my first stop was at Tie Rack Boutique. Masya Allah, i cant choose the best one, varieties of fabrique being displayed. I hope on the 23rd before leaving i hope i can bag home some.
I was staying at The Grand Plaza Park Royal Hotel, at the heart of Kuala Lumpur's Bukit Bintang. Very fine hotel indeed, highly recommended for family vacation. The thing here, no wifi service, you have to pay then. Aaargh! As it was in Brunei, the environment was very banners, posters etc for this upcoming CNY was almost everywhere. Good value for shoppers too, it was sale in KL!!! I like!!! But what I dont like here is the traffic jam. Although KL have their very own monorail, train service, i see not much improvement.
This is what i dont like, traffic jam...

Taken from my hotel room at Park Royal, towards Times Square...

I dont know who is the lucky guy...

While today (21st) '3 Way' meeting was held at Angkasapuri chaired by RTM Head of Programme (Radio), followed by recording of drama "Panggung Drama-Setelah 17 Tahun Berlalu". The guest actor/actress was Datuk Jalaludin Hassan and Nasrin Ngasri. Later this evening we'll off to Perlis by train. The schedule was very tight, I am yet to shop at a must go place for me "Marks and Spencer". I assure you more updates coming up should there be an internet connection.

Last night we were treated to a welcoming dinner. We were being served with chinese dish at Kayu Manis Restaurant. Cool nice place, but it took us more than hour to reach the place at Bukit Jelutong, Selangor. The RTB delegations met their colleagues from RRI (Radio Republik Indonesia) and RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia).

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