Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wonderful Weekend


Today was lovely, I spent my weekend with my beloved family. We went to Tutong District wandering around, sightseeing etc. Of course our first stop was at KK Koya for its rojak...yummmy. It was raining along the way, road was a bit slippery then.

Actually the main reason we went to Tutong is to look for Nikon wide lens. My friend recomended to have a look at one photo studio just opposite the police station. But it was very unlucky for us, since the boss is not in so the sales girl doesnt know hows the price like for all of their lenses!!! How come sales people doesnt know the price!!!

Later we drop by Hua Ho Petani Mall. I was very suprised with I've seen, it was a very good business indeed! It is good for Tutong residence these days, they doesnt need to come down to Bandar since they have enough.

Wonderful time!

Banners for this upcoming CNY at Hua Ho Petani Mall...
As it was at Hua Ho Yayasan and Tanjong Bunut, you can see this outlets...
Very red...almost everywhere...Gong Xi Fa Cai!
*Tomorrow as usual, get back to work...a lot of work to be done...
May Allah help us...

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